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   Chapter 257 Grandma‘s work

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Grandma finished her work very soon. The blacksmith only accepted five hundred Yuan and gave up the house. The old but not new tile roofed house was not good, but it was bright and dry. Soon, she changed into new cotton, half new bed sheets, and her clothes were all changed. She looked much more energetic.

As she moved out, grandma found a bag of things sealed tightly with plastic pockets under the bed. It had given off a strange smell for a long time, but it could be seen that it was well preserved. When she opened it, it was wrapped with waterproof cloth, which was not a common material in the countryside. Soren and Elsa quickly opened it, and the first sight they saw was an old rag doll. Taking a look at Soren, Elsa said, "Ren, I have the same one at home."

"Then this is Tina's." Soren nodded and said.

"I vaguely remember that the doll was given by Jen... It's her. " Although a lot of things had been clear, Elsa's heart was still broken. "I had been holding this doll when the fire happened. My mother helped me pick my doll up. I haven't seen it for many years. "

Soren thought for a while and found that Candice also had such a pair of dolls, two of which were a set. He had seen them when he went to the Qiao family. It seemed that the dolls were sent by Jason, because three girls hold that. Perhaps, when Jason bought them for his wife and daughter, he also bought a pair for Jenna.

Elsa looked through the rest of the letters. Many of them were belong to Jenna. She read them carefully and found that the person who wrote them was not well-educated, because the writing was very shallow, and the words were crooked and there were many wrong words. Most of those letters were love letters written to Jenna, and they were not from the same person. It seemed that she received them when she was more than 10 years old.

Elsa had inquired about it from the aunt and knew that there had always been only one primary school here. It seemed that when Jenna was more than 10, she had been to a place dozens of miles away from here to study. She found an old photo and handed it to Soren.

The person in the photo should be Jenna. She looked like Tina very much, but she was much more beautiful and innocent than Tina. She was the kind of water spirit that was easily nourished by mountains and rivers, and many girls in the city could not compare with her.

Soren looked through those things and said, "it seems that Jenna was really good-looking and sensitive at that time, so her family made great efforts to let her go to school. Not long after, she went out to see the outside world."

Elsa nodded. That was probably the case. A simple girl went into the flower world, and since then, she was dazzled by the society of rampage sexual desire. She could no longer go back to her simple hometown which raise her.

Elsa sighed deeply. In fact, she didn't want to know more, but she still thought so much.

When they left, Elsa had picked up all the things and was about to return them to her grandmother, but her grandmother insisted he

. It's just that there is a lack of blood and energy, which leads to the lack of blood and essence. It's true that you can't get pregnant in the hospital. You have suffered from insomnia and nightmares, dry mouths and bitter pains, and the monthly affairs are somewhat incompatible. Am I right? "

Elsa was about to say whether the Zed and Mia said that, but she didn't know whether her grandparents knew it or not. She nodded and looked at the old man, "is there any cure?"

The old man laughed and said, "I have seen a lot of such diseases when I was young. I will get you a herb later."

"Will it be all right?" Elsa asked in surprise

"Traditional Chinese medicine requires careful adjustment and slow recuperation. This herb has the same taste with tea. You have to take care of your own health if you insist on drinking it for two months. Nowadays, young people live in big cities, and the pressure is growing. The key is that you have to put your heart at rest. Don't waste your time on useless things. " The old man laughed happily and said, "I live in the countryside without any pressure. I will live for another decades."

Both Elsa and Soren said gratefully, "we'll keep that in mind. Thank you."

When they came back home, they were very happy. But the medicine was just some dates, silver flowers, lemon pieces and other things. There were only one or two kinds of medicine that they had never seen before. They looked very strange and didn't know if it was useful or not. They didn't want the elders to raise their hope. Even Soren and Elsa were not sure about it, so they didn't told elders about that, only Elsa drank it in a vacuum cup. They still had a lot of hopes in her mind, hoping that what the old doctor said and the medicine he prescribed would really useful.

They were about to go back to Linchuan City soon. When they found a packed box in the wardrobe, Elsa took it out and said to Soren, "these were things from that time. I haven't opened them for many years. Now it doesn't matter if I look at them."

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