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   Chapter 256 Had Confidence

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Elsa nodded and felt relieved. When she went out hand in hand with Soren, Mia stood up at the sight of her and said, "Elsa, I..."

Soren interrupted her, "Grandma, I have made a deal with Elsa. We will go to see the doctor with you and Grandpa as soon as possible. Elsa and I can also take this opportunity to walk around in the countryside."

Mia hurriedly said, "Okay, okay. We'll be there soon."

The old doctor lived in the countryside and it's far away from Elsa's home. Soren's car had been arranged to be driven here last night. He had planned to drive here by himself. But in order to accommodate his grandparents' health and afraid that they would be unable to bear the long distance, he changed the plan to take the plane with his grandparents. Now the car had arrived. It was just suitable for the big family and for driving on the mountain road in YC County.

It took the whole morning for the family to find the doctor's house recommended by Johnson. It was an ancient rural place with red bricks and green tiles everywhere. After entering the village, they drove for a long time and finally saw an old man with white hair and white beard practicing boxing in front of a thatched cottage.

Seeing Johnson and the others, the old man stopped and said with a smile, "You have come so soon."

He was talking in the YC County accent, which was totally different from Linchuan City's dialect. Johnson replied in a hurry and let Zed and Mia in. There was no modern furnishing in the room, and the only place that could show the modern atmosphere was the light. As soon as they entered the room, they smelled a faint fragrance of herbs. It was very light, but also very fragrant, making people's nerves relax at once.

All of a sudden, everyone had confidence in the doctor.

After negotiating for a while, Johnson smiled and said to Zed and Mia, "This is the old doctor. He is very famous in our place. Now he is too old to help people, and he rarely goes out to attend patients. If one needs to be treated, he can only come here to see him."

As he spoke, Johnson raised his index finger and said with a smile, "The old doctor is one hundred years old now."

"Oh my God!" Both Mia and Zed exclaimed.

The old doctor checked Zed's body and told him that he needed to stay here for a period of time to prepare the herbs for him. At the same time, he would give Zed a cooperated massage. After discussing with Soren, Zed and Mia decided to stay in the countryside for a period of time as a vacation.

Johnson patted his chest and said, "I'm fine and also have free time these days. I'll stay here with Zed and Mia. If there's anything, I can take care of them."

Mia and Zed were so grateful that they didn't know what to say. Looking at Elsa, they felt guilty and wanted to say something. Elsa smiled and said, "It's good for Dad to live here. Dad likes drinking tea. Didn't you say that the flowers picked on the mountain here taste the best?"

Johnson smiled and said, "Yes, you're right. I grew up in the countryside. It's great that I can live h

, soy sauce, vinegar and so on."

Soren said, "It's very troublesome for you. How much do you want? We can give you a suitable salary. Please take more care of her. She's getting old and need more nutrition. Don't think it's too expensive to buy anything she needs."

He looked at the children behind the old woman. They were all wearing thin grass shoes in winter, and their clothes were ragged. Their faces and noses were red because of the coldness. It seemed that the people here were really poor.

Seeing that Soren and Elsa were honest and frank, the woman hesitated for a while and said, "Then what about three hundred per month? My man can earn six hundred while working in the town. I think I can earn three hundred? But don't worry, young lady. If we have food, your grandmother will definitely be fed well. No one had arranged it before, and I have taken care of her for so many years, haven't I?"

The woman was very simple and kind-hearted. Soren nodded and said, "Then we will give you six hundred every month. You can arrange it and please take good care of the old lady. I just want to ask you one more thing. This room is too dark. Is there any suitable place to move to?"

"Yes, there is. But that's the blacksmith's house next door. It's spacious and is next to ours. He had built it for marrying his wife, but now that his wife has run away, and his son has also gone out to work in anger, who hasn't been back for many years, so his family wants to sell this house to spare some money. But we all have our own house to live in this village. No one needs his house." The woman was talkative.

Soren didn't care about the details of her words and said, "Then please help us with this matter. How much does it cost? I'll pay for it."

The middle-aged woman answered him and ran out. Some children ran out following her, while some stuck their heads out at the door.

Elsa's grandmother didn't say anything else but calling Jenna's name with concern. Sitting next to her, Elsa felt a little sad. Soren kept her company.

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