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   Chapter 255 Know What to Do

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"Then you have to control her well after you recruit her. You can't let her do whatever she wants in the company. Otherwise, I still have the right to control the personnel of the new company." Ron didn't want to talk to his good friend in this way, but he just worried about the bad temper of Chloe...

Lester smiled and said, "I know what to do. Don't worry. You used to use the wrong way to treat Chloe. How can you control her?"

Ron looked at him in surprise. "Don't tell me you like Chloe. I can't bear such a surprise."

"Come on, I'll stay in the company and won't let Chloe hurt Jane. But out of the company, it doesn't matter whether I'm there or not. That's your business." With a smile on his face, Lester said, "If you can't make a prompt decision, you will be in trouble. You have delayed her for so many years, and now you are not with her. I think it's troublesome!"

Ron pretended to be angry and said, "Don't talk nonsense. It's not easy to break up with her. Let's call for a drink."

Lester said, "I'll go to the restroom and come back soon."

As soon as he left, a man came over and sat in front of Ron. It was Yassin. His voice sounded a little haggard. "Ron, I need some money recently. Could you please lend me some?"

"Yassin, you have your own team and studio now. Don't tell me that you are still short of money." Ron handed him a glass of wine.

After drinking off the wine in one gulp, Yassin held the glass in his hand with a sad look on his face and said, "You know that I started my business with the help of the Qiao family, and every penny I used had to be controlled by Candice, not to mention that there was a Caspar checking my account all the time. My life is worse than anyone else. If my mother hadn't been sick and urgently needed money, would I come to you? A single penny can defeat a hero. Damn it, I know what it feels like!"

Hearing what he said, Ron didn't say anything more. In fact, according to the matter between Yassin and Soren, Ron didn't like Yassin at all. It was for the sake of Jason that Ron had a relationship with Yassin. At the beginning of the company's establishment, the uncles in the mountain top mansion had made a lot of efforts to support Ron. For this matter, Ron really couldn't ignore Yassin's request.

"How much do you want? If it is not much, I can give it to you now. If it is more, I can ask my secretary to give it to you tomorrow." Ron said and began to open the wallet.

Yassin made a gesture with his fingers. Ron asked, "One hundred thousand?"

On second thought, Yassin's mother had been suffering from many diseases these years. Now, it's only a matter of minutes for her to spend one hundred thousand dollars in the hospital. So he said: "Take it. This is a cash check. Please greet to your mother for me."

Yassin took the check, with a flash of gratitude on his thin face. He didn't say anything more. When he stood up, he was the arrogant m

weekend, and Elsa was still sleeping. Blanche and Johnson were chatting with Zed and Mia happily.

Feeling the noise, Elsa rubbed her sleepy eyes and saw Soren bending over beside her at a glance. She smiled happily and said, "Ren!"

As soon as she made a sound, his lips covered her mouth. Elsa was so warm that she almost melted in his arms.

After being kissed by Soren for a long time, the two stopped breathlessly. Looking at his good-looking eyebrows and eyes, Elsa smiled and said softly, "I thought you wouldn't come so early."

"I want to see you earlier, so I took the earliest flight. I know you're still sleeping. How's it going without me these days?" Soren took off his shoes and lay down beside her.

Elsa nodded, grabbed the buttons of his clothes and lay in his arms. The two of them lingered on the bed for a while. They knew that there were elders at home in the early morning, so they let go of each other and got up to get dressed.

After putting on the coat for her, Soren suddenly thought of something and said with a smile, "By the way, I forgot to tell you last night. Elsa, Grandparents came with me."

"What?" Elsa was so surprised that her mind was in a mess. Were they... She froze and her face turned pale.

Soren walked to her from behind, raised her chin and said, "Silly girl, it's not what you think. Grandpa and Grandma just came to see the doctor to treat Grandpa's back pain. Besides, I have already told Grandma that we should never mention that thing again. Grandma also understood our relationship. It has nothing to do with other things. It only depends on the minds of the two of us. Now she knows what I'm thinking. She knows that nothing can stop us from loving each other."

"Really?" When Elsa looked up again, the nervousness in her eyes had been eliminated.

"Yes, Grandma also knows that what happened in the past is a stupid thing, and it will never happen again." Soren said firmly, "I promise!"

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