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   Chapter 254 It Seems To Be A Mystery

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However, when Elsa stood in front of Jenna's tombstone, she felt more or less different from before.

There were only a few words carved on the tombstone of Jenna, "the tomb of Jenna", because no one knew where she came from, and who else in her family, except for Tina's mother, knew nothing about her.

Her tombstone looked a little old because of the wind and rain. But it was clean, with a few withered flowers, burned hell money and incense used in the sacrificial ceremony.

These were left by Blanche and Johnson.

As for the rest of the people, including Tina, it seemed that she no longer cared about her mother who had died in an accident.

'Jenna'. Elsa closed her eyes and repeated the name in her heart again.

Her existence seemed to be a mystery. What kind of person she was and what kind of thing she had experienced? In Shirley's heart, she was definitely not a good woman. For the whole Qiao family, she was hardly a good person.

But for Elsa, she didn't seem to be a good mother. When Elsa was born, she threw naked her into the bathroom at the coldest time of the year. It was hard to believe that a good mother would do such a thing.

But later, she moved to the place where Elsa lived, and gave up her own life to protect her daughter at the crucial moment of life and death. In this regard, she was indeed a respectful mother.

At first, Elsa didn't want to know more about it, but when she stood in front of her mother's tomb, she wanted to know what kind of person Jenna was?

Elsa put the flowers she bought on her mother's tomb, bowed and bowed. Then she straightened the collar of her coat and slowly walked out of the tomb.

When she walked out of the cemetery, she received a call from Soren. He smiled and said, "The elders have received the fruits and flower cakes you prepared, just because they are afraid of delaying your work. They said that they would thank you in person when you go home."

"I'm glad as long as they like it." Elsa smiled and rubbed her hands. The air she exhaled was white mist.

"The weather forecast says it's going to be cold these two days. You should wear more clothes." Soren heard her inhaling and said with concern.

"It's getting cold in YC County, much colder than in Linchuan City, but in the daytime, it's warmer than in Linchuan City. The sun is very bright," said Elsa with a smile.

Soren smiled, saying, "Right, I found it in the two days when I was there. Are you home now?"

"I'm going to take a taxi. The taxi is coming!" Waving her hand, Elsa called a taxi. After getting on the taxi, she said, "Ren, I just went to my mother's cemetery."

"Don't think too much when I'm not with you. It's okay," Soren comforted her and kept her company on the way by car.

Elsa briefly told him that Jenna had a mother who lived in the countryside, which meant that the old woman was Elsa's grandmother. She thought for a while and said, "Ren, I wa

e you and father, although I'm not your biological daughter, there is no difference between us and other families. Do you think so, mom?"

Blanche wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and smiled, saying, "Right, right. You are right." I'm just worried that you might be wronged. When you get married, you'll stand under other people's roof. As your mother..."

Elsa patted her mother on the shoulder and hugged her. She smiled and said, "Ren has always been nice to me. Mom should be more confident in our future."

"Yes, yes. I'm thinking too much." Blanche stood up with a smile. Seeing that her daughter looked good and knew that she had come out of the violent turmoil at the time, she felt a little relieved. She smiled and said, "Then I'm relieved. Have a good rest. You have to work hard every day. Don't read at night. Go to bed early."

"Okay, mom, you and dad go to bed early too." After sending her mother to the door, Elsa closed the door and went to bed.

When she was about to take a rest, she received a message from Soren, which read, "Good night, my Zaza." The four words were full of concern. Her mind was full of his bright eyes and beautiful lips. After she replied him, she held his pillow beside her and fell asleep sweetly.

Because Chloe entered the new company had brought a lot of trouble to Jane, Ron specially made an appointment with Lester to talk about it. In a hurry, he said, "Lester, although at the beginning of the company's establishment, I said that you were responsible for the whole new company, and I wouldn't interfere in anything. I only checked your financial statements every quarter, but Chloe entering the new company has a great impact on Jane..."

Lester shrugged his shoulders and said, "You've liked Jane for seven years. I know it very well. But Ron, you've already been with Jane. Chloe will understand it sooner or later. It's hard for me, too. I have to concern Uncle Kohl and Adam..."

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