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   Chapter 253 Not Dull

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Elsa went to make the bed and took out her clothes. When she opened Soren's suitcase, she found that he only brought some simple clothes to change. She thought that he might not stay long. He could accompany her for a few days at most.

When Elsa was packing her stuff, Soren opened the window and looked out of the window at the vegetable plot outside. The fresh air blew in, making him look a little cold.

Everything about her seemed simple but not dull. On the contrary, it allowed him to see her peaceful life and simple happiness all the time.

The light fragrance in the room was the same as that on her body. It was not a special smell, and it was not very fragrant. It was just a light fragrance, making people feel very quiet and comfortable with the tip of their noses wrapped by this fragrance.

When Elsa was folding a shirt for him, Soren walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Seeing that she was skillfully tidying it up, he couldn't help but whispered, "Happy birthday, Elsa."

Looking back at the light in his eyes, Elsa couldn't help but kiss his chin. She didn't stand on tiptoe, just to that height. After kissing him, she couldn't help laughing. She turned around and looked at the small bed. "It's really small. How about you go to the hotel room?"

She childishly compared the size and length of the bed to Soren's figure. Normally, in the home in Linchuan City, Soren's bed was over size, and this bed was not even half of the bed.

"Are you driving me away so soon?" Soren said with grievance.

After saying that, Elsa knew that what she said was unreasonable. She had to stay at home. How could he stay in a hotel when he arrived at her home? As a couple, one stayed at home and the other stayed in a hotel, and that would be inappropriate. She smiled and said, "But I'm sure you'll be uncomfortable."

"How can we sleep so wide in our daily life? Whether it is a big bed or a small bed, maybe we only sleep in a fixed position," he said with a smile. As soon as he said that, Elsa remembered that the two of them usually hugged each other when they were sleeping. Sometimes, she was completely in his arms.

She smiled and went to the wardrobe to get him pajamas. "Okay, have a try. I didn't expect anyone to sleep with me before, so I didn't expect to change a larger bad."

"Then I will be the first one to stay overnight." Soren smiled in a good mood.

"Of course not." Elsa retorted at once, "Someone has already slept on this bed."

What she said was a little too much, and the atmosphere suddenly changed subtly. Everyone who knew Elsa knew that she had been with Johnny for five years. They didn't break up until the night before their marriage, but in fact, Johnny had never spent the night in the Xia family, let alone in Elsa's room. Elsa had always been shy and traditional. It had been a long time after she married Soren could she feel easy to talk to him and clean up the shyness in front of him. It was her nature to be intimate with any man before married.

She also realized that there was something wrong with what she had said just now, and it was easy to associate it with Johnny. She quickly said, "It's Janie. She studied in a h

leave her favorite food. After she came back and finished this midnight snack, she would rest assured to watch her go to bed.

The tiredness and rush of the whole day disappeared in the warmth of this house.

In Elsa's heart, the shadow of her family background was so weak that she would not think about it easily.

On this day, she went to a town outside the city with Yates to check the development of local culture and collect some information. Because it required a lot of materials to recollect the YC County Annals.

In the afternoon, when Elsa heard that Yates was chatting with the staff next to him, she couldn't help interrupting, "I'm sorry. You just said that there is a town nearby. What's its name?"

"It's called Rosy Mount town. YC County has always been a place with mountains and rivers far away, and the Rosy Mount town is located in the highest mountain range of YC County, so it used to be the most remote town. With the help of social power in recent years, the government has built a road to the outside of the mountain for the Rosy Mount town. However, even so, the people of the Rosy Mount town are still not rich," the staff explained, pointing at a very high mountain range in the distance. It was not unknown to Elsa before. She was born and raised in YC County, and she had heard of it before. But this place was the same as the one mentioned by Tina, so she asked.

When they left, Yates smiled and said, "Elsa, you are more professional sensitive. The more poor and backward this place was, the better the local characteristics and the cultural characteristics that had been inherited from generation to generation would be preserved, and it wouldn't be affected by too much modern civilization. Two days later, we will go to the Rosy Mount town to have a look."

Elsa nodded. Thinking of that place, she paused for a moment.

After work in the afternoon, she went to Jenna's cemetery. Several neighbors died in the fire. It was because of the protection of Jenna that Elsa survived. Therefore, when she walked out of the shadow, Blanche and Johnson would take Elsa to worship Jenna on festivals.

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