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   Chapter 252 Full Of Love

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Elsa gave the money and thanked the driver with a smile. Soren smiled and said, "Now I finally understand why I often hear that the people in YC County are simple and honest. I can see such a scene everywhere."

Elsa pursed her lips and smiled. "So I am always full of love to my hometown."

Hand in hand, the two of them arrived at the community of the Xia family. Someone had already seen Elsa and said in surprise, "Oh, it's Zaza of the Xia family? You brought your boyfriend back?"

After what had happened five years ago, Elsa's love had always been blank. Many people who had witnessed what had happened five years ago paid more attention to her emotional problems than she did. Soren held her hand tightly and said with a smile, "Madam, sir, I'm Elsa's husband. We've been married for almost a year."

"Ah, you're married?" Those people were surprised.

Elsa nodded and smiled at them. Then she strode towards the door with Soren.

The parents of the Xia family were all low-key and kind people. They didn't talk about the marriage of Elsa in the neighborhood, let alone the noble family background of their son-in-law.

When they got home, Elsa opened the door. It was a simple two-bedroom apartment without much different arrangement. The half new and old furniture and everything in good order showed the warmth and kindness of the home.

"Dad? Mom?" Elsa called as she walked into the room. She looked everywhere, but her parents were not there. Generally speaking, Blanche should have a night class at this time. She would not come back until eight or nine o'clock at the earliest.

As for Johnson, he didn't have fixed work because of his poor leg, so he always helped others do part-time jobs. Originally, Elsa had told her father not to work anymore, and her mother should retire. The two of them should live a peaceful life. It turned out that they had agreed well, but they did not do so.

Soren looked around and said with a smile, "Since father and mother will come back later, let's get something to eat first."

Looking at the things in the vegetable field, Elsa said happily, "Okay."

The home of the Xia family was not very wide, but it was on the first floor. There was a garden of medium size, which was planted with vegetables. There were also a lot of things in the fridge. Soren cut the meat and washed rice to cook, while Elsa went to the vegetable field to pick vegetables. After picking a lot, she found that there were taros beside the vegetables. The taros were a specialty of YC County. Because of the lack of rain and the plenty sunshine in YC County, the taros tasted soft and delicious.

Elsa immediately took many into the kitchen. Seeing that, Soren asked in surprise, "What are these black things?"

"This is taros. I want to eat sweet taros," Elsa said with a greedy look on her face.

"Do you really take me as a cook?" Soren teased, "How to make that?"

Elsa said in a hurry, "It's so easy. Just peel it and put it on the pot to steam it. Put a whole piece of brown sugar o

et it, so I came back to accompany you."

Tears welled up in Elsa's eyes. She wondered why he had cooked so many delicious food just now. It turned out that he had always remembered her birthday and knew that she had celebrated it on the lunar calendar. His romance had always been this simple, not very earth shaking, nor much vigorous, but like a stream, it had always warmed her heart.

Holding the roses and carrying the cake, Elsa's head was covered by the big bunch of flowers, only a little face left, revealing a happy smile in it. Blanche cooked noodles and came out to see this scene. Tears rolled out at once. She had no other wishes but to see her daughter happy.

Blanche also brought out the long-life noodles. On the steaming long-life noodles lay two poached eggs. On this birthday, Elsa ate a lot. A simple birthday was her happiest birthday.

The Xia family's home had two bedrooms and one living room. Their parents lived in the master bedroom, and Elsa lived in the secondary bedroom. When they slept at night, they found one problem. Elsa's bed had always been single. It was too small for Elsa and Soren to sleep on.

Blanche hurriedly said, "Let Zaza and Ren live in our room. I'll sleep on Elsa's bed and let her father sleep on the sofa."

"No, mom. Don't bother. I'll live with Elsa in her room." Soren smiled and said, "We can't sleep too much."

Since her son-in-law said so, Blanche had no choice but to let them go.

Elsa's room was not big. There were only a wardrobe, a desk, a bookshelf and a bed. The furnishings were still the same as before. The curtains and sheets were seven or eight percent new, which could be seen to be bought in the past, but they were well preserved and carefully used, so they did not look old.

There were a lot of books on the bookshelf, and her laptop and pen were on the desk. Although she hadn't stayed at home for a long time since she went to college, Blanche carefully kept and cleaned every item for her, as if she lived there all the time.

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