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   Chapter 251 Good Wife

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Walter seemed to be upset about his son's stupidity. He said in a low voice, "Among so many people, everyone has a good wife, don't they? If it weren't for Shirley, Jason wouldn't have been so successful today. Without Susie, Heather couldn't have done so much in his work. If you don't have Ada to help you deal with all kinds of things at home and manage the relationship between superiors and subordinates, do you think you can be as relaxed as today?"

Fred was stunned. He didn't take Ada seriously before. It seemed that this relationship was dispensable, but it was inevitable to discuss it with Ada when something happened at work. After all, although Ada was a doctor, she was born in an official family. She was good at judging these things.

He thought for a while and asked, "Does Janet think that Elsa is a good talent and hopes that she can help Ren more?"

"I can see that. Janet does have such an idea. Ren will have a more smooth future after this promotion. Next year is the most important year for us. If we can get through it smoothly, everything will be peaceful. In this way, our family can be regarded as a win-win and lose-lose relationship," Walter said.

Indeed, Fred remained silent. In the past, he had competed with Heather and Jason, and they were also friends. The position of Mr. Jason was originally among the three of them, Fred, Heather and Jason. Later, Jason did a better job, and he was promoted half a position a step faster than the two of them.

Now that Elsa was the child of the Qiao family, the three families were more or less related to interests than competition.

Thinking of this, Fred had to admit that his father's opinion was correct and ahead of time. When everyone was still sighing about the origin of Elsa, his thoughts had been far-reaching.

Walter seemed to be tired. He waved his hand and said, "Go to bed."

Fred nodded and left the study. When he entered his room, Ada was packing up some small things which were used by Elsa before. Last time, Elsa took some with her, but there were still a lot left. Fred said, "Go to bed early."

"Okay. I think that Elsa and Ren will also have children in the future. People say that a newborn baby needs to wear something old. I'll pack up and keep it for them," said Ada calmly.

"Didn't the doctor say..."

Ada interrupted him, "I'm also a doctor. Doctors can only say normal conditions. They don't know when a miracle will happen. I believe that God won't leave such a kind and beautiful girl like Elsa alone."

Fred looked at her seriously, "You really like Elsa."

Ada sighed and looked at Fred. He talked more tonight than before. She said, "I treat her as my own daughter. After all, it was fate for us to know each other. Thank God for bringing her back to my family."

After saying that, Fred and Ada didn't say anything else and went to bed together. They slept on each own side of their bed. Over the years, the two of them had always b

ing. Mr. Yates looked at Soren and said, "By the way, Mr. Soren, we will be working there for a long time."

"It doesn't matter. You can just do your work, I can't stay there for too long. I haven't gone back to Elsa's home since we got married. As her family's son-in-law, it's too impolite. So I want to take this opportunity to visit my parents in law." Soren smiled naturally and talked with Yates politely.

It didn't take a long flight from Linchuan City to YC County. Compared with Linchuan City, YC County was closer to the southwest. The weather was dry and the sunlight was ample. In addition, the mountains were high. There were not only famous mountains, but also various kinds of fruit. But it was a long journey, so they opened this route for tourists over the years.

It would take more than an hour to get there by plane.

Yates had already booked a hotel. Since Elsa's home was in this city, she said that she didn't need to book a hotel, so she could go home to accompany her parents. However, this was a standard arrangement in the company, so the secretary had booked her room.

It happened that Soren could have a rest in his room first. After getting off the plane, Elsa and Yates rushed to deal with their work.

When they finished their work in the evening, Yates invited Elsa and Soren to have dinner together, but Elsa said that she hadn't come back for a long time and had to go back to see her parents. So Yates didn't force them and let them go with a smile.

Elsa took a taxi with Soren and told the driver the place. The driver drove the car out with a smile and said, "You are not a local, are you? Going through the downtown to this place is the nearest way. But I have to make it clear to you that it's very blocked at the downtown, so I'll change the route. It's just a few miles more than going through the downtown."

"It's okay." Elsa nodded. Sure enough, they didn't take the usual route. When they arrived, time was the least.

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