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   Chapter 250 Hurt the Relationship Between Husband and Wife

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 9485

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Jason was a kind leader in the municipal government and treated the citizens with all his heart, but he was a little serious at home and didn't talk much.

These years, the two of them seldom communicated with each other, but Shirley had always been a strong support in his career.

Thinking of the time when Shirley married Jason, her father's status was slightly higher than Jason's father's. Shirley was trained by her father, raised up as a boy, so she had a lot of abilities and means. In these years, Jason had been promoted to the top position of power in Linchuan City step by step. And Shirley had made great contributions in many aspects.

Therefore, in front of Shirley, it was inevitable for Jason to feel a little self-abased in the past. He always put on airs as the head of the family and tried his best to maintain the highest dignity in the family.

But it inevitably hurt the relationship between husband and wife in many places.

He had thought about it for a long time. At first, Jason thought that he had given Shirley enough. In Linchuan City, she was almost above all people in terms of status, wealth and dignity. But he had never thought what a woman really wanted. He had thought that she had a peaceful heart, but he didn't expect that she also had many small emotions that belonged to a woman.

There was a family photo hanging in the living room. In the photo, Caspar and Candice looked like their mother. To be more specific, Caper was more like Shirley, who was unruly but also composed as her. As for Candice, she was delicate but not decent enough, so she was much more narrow-minded. No wonder Jason liked Elsa at the first sight when he saw her. Back then, when he first saw Shirley, he immediately thought of marrying her. There was also a trace of resemblance between Shirley and Elsa.

How ironic it was! In order to punish him for his mistakes, a woman like Jenna happened to have a daughter like Elsa, which made him unable to enjoy the father-daughter relationship with such a daughter for the rest of his life.

Jason tightened his grip on the cup.

Although the Qiao family was committed to eliminating the traces of existence of this scandal, it was still very popular in a small range. At least, the Qi family and Wang family, which were closely related to Elsa, had mentioned it a lot.

Mia kept shaking her head after she knew it, but she didn't say anything. Susie pulled her aside and said, "Mom, I'm telling you, you can't say anything about it again. No matter what mistakes the elders made, Elsa is innocent. She was just a poor child at that time, and she didn't know anything. If you want to say anything more, you are really adding salt to her wound. It doesn't matter if you go to see her or not. But I beg you, leave this matter alone."

Mia sighed, "Am I such a pers

was true that she loved Elsa. Fred looked away.

Walter remained silent all the time. When he went upstairs, he said to Fred, "Fred, come to my study."

Fred regained his indifference and followed his father into the study. Over the years, he had been holding a knot in his heart for his father. The two of them rarely talked with each other, except for the work.

Fred stood in front of his father. His figure was as tall as Soren's. He was even more burly than Soren.

A trace of desolation appeared on Walter's old face. He said, "I didn't expect that Elsa would be Jason's child either."

"No one expected that." Fred said indifferently.

"Next year will be a critical juncture. If nothing goes wrong, Jason will be promoted to the top position. At this critical moment, who put him in such a big trouble?" Walter looked at his son with a lot of doubts in his eyes.

Fred smiled and said, "Not everything has a plot. It's just a coincidence that Elsa's identity has been revealed. Who can it be?"

However, Walter shook his head all the time. Fred said, "Doctor Kohl personally did the blood test report of Elsa and Jason. Ada has also proved it for me that they are indeed of the father-daughter relationship. I think you are thinking too much."

"Next year is not only the key year of Jason. Isn't it also the key year of you and Heather?" said Walter in his old and experienced voice. "If nothing goes wrong, Jason would go to the provincial Party committee. And his position would be left for you or Heather. Putting this aside, if nothing goes wrong with Ren in the army next year, he should be on the rise. I didn't see before that Janet liked Elsa."

Fred knew that his father didn't pay much attention to these things since he retired from the army. At this moment, when he heard his father's words, he couldn't help but feel a little strange and asked, "Elsa?"

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