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   Chapter 249 The Best Defense Is to Attack

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10188

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Elsa had no choice but to nod. Janet made a cup of tea for her. It was a tea called "green bamboo leaf", a kind of green tea, which didn't need to be made with boiled water. It was the third time to pour water in the teapot. The light and elegant fragrance of the tea was more gentle, as if the fragrance no longer existed.

However, as soon as the gentle taste came into the mouth, one would have an extremely soft feel on the tip of the tongue, accompanied by the fragrance that lingered in the mouth for a long time.

It was a very light tea, but the wonderful fragrance stayed in the mouth for longer time than other strong fragrance, and did not dissipate.

Janet threw the tea left in the pot and made another pot of it.

In fact, Janet didn't talk too much, but had taken both of Jane and Elsa into account. She had said a lot of things, however, probably because she was in a high position, she didn't say everything clearly. When Elsa and Jane looked at each other, there were indeed a lot of things that they didn't understand.

However, the two of them understood the feeling in the words. Janet meant well for the two of them. For example, she smiled and said, "Ron's mother is just like that. She wants to do whatever she wants, so she needs the younger generation to be more flexible."

The whole night, both Elsa and Jane felt enlightened.

On the other side, for a game of chess, Soren and Jerome had been in a stalemate for a few hours. In the end, they ended up with a draw. At that time, Soren was sweating slightly. Ron was a bad chess player. He could understand things clearly at the beginning, but he couldn't understand the way the two of them played later. However, for the sake of Jerome and Janet, he couldn't yell out for boredom.

Jerome nodded and said, "Well done, Ren. The best defense is to attack. You play much better than before."

"But I almost lost. Thanks to uncle Jerome's mercy, we can barely reach a draw." Soren said with a smile. He did have a hard time. While Jerome enjoyed it easily.

Jerome waved his hand and said, "Well, that's because you are not as tough-hearted as me. You could have defeated me several times in the middle, but you retreated again and missed the good opportunity."

Pointing at the black and white pieces, Soren smiled and said, "I mean to make uncle Jerome completely annihilate, in case that you always say that I'm not good at playing chess and haven't made any progress."

"It's the right thing for a good man to do to be decisive. If you keep thinking about it, you are already weak."

"Uncle Jerome is right. I was wrong." Soren nodded in agreement.

The guests had a good time that night. When they left, everyone had a smile on their faces. When they walked out, the four of them looked at each other and thought that the two couples of them had a wonderful but harmonious feeling when they were together.

Since Elsa was going to catch the plane tomorrow morning, they talked for a while and then separated. Soren and Elsa got on the car and went

sake of the whole family. He couldn't help saying, "Shirley..."

"You don't have to thank me. I did all this for my son and daughter. When they were young, I thought the same way. Now they have grown up and I can't help thinking about their future... And everything of them. Candice was spoiled, but every girl should be spoiled by her parents. You scolded her for the matter of Soren and for a few years she didn't dare to come back. Now you should be more gentle and don't always pull a long face in front of her. As for Caper... He is sensible, but different from what you want to be sensible. How can you force everyone to think the same as you?" Shirley looked at her husband calmly and said.

"Shirley, I..." Jason looked at Shirley worriedly. He didn't know why she had to tell him so many things.

"Didn't you wait for me to come back just because you wanted to have a talk with me? That's all I want to talk about. I can forgive what you have done in the past, but I hope you can... be a real father in front of Caper and Candice." After saying that, Shirley looked at Jason and interrupted him with a nod, "You don't have to say anything else. I'm a little tired and want to have a rest."

After saying that, she turned around and walked upstairs, leaving Jason behind. Shirley had always been such an elegant person. She seldom lost her temper. The day she almost hit Elsa when she made a scene in Jason's office, perhaps it was the most awkward thing she had done in her life. Deep down, she knew that it was not Elsa's fault, but from now on, she could not face the existence of her husband's cheating child. Her back looked a little desolate and helpless.

Jason watched her go upstairs and enter the guest room. When the children and Caspar's grandfather were not here, she had always stayed in the guest room these years. Jason had believed her words that she couldn't sleep well with another person by her side, but he didn't know that she had already had a knot in her heart when she gave birth to Candice.

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