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   Chapter 248 Summer Chiffon Style

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Jane checked the time and said, "But it will be too troublesome if we go home now. We don't have enough time..."

Ron suddenly remembered something and said, "Come with me!"

Holding her hand, he went back to the elevator and pressed the button to his office floor. When the elevator slowly rose to the top, he couldn't wait to rush into his office. His office was very magnificent and large, and there was a wardrobe for his daily clothes.

He opened the wardrobe door, and there were several sets of his clothes in it for him to wear at dinner and business cooperation. There happened to be a dress of summer chiffon style, which might not be too warm, but fortunately, the coat of Jane was not wet too much, and it was dark, so the dirty marks were not clear.

Ron took out the dress and handed it to Jane, who asked in surprise, "Why is this dress here?"

This dress was specially bought by her and Elsa to cope with the cocktail party of Qin Company. At that time, they happened to enter Susie's shop. The shop manager gave a dress to Jane as a gift, and it was exactly this dress that Ron took out.

Jane didn't know where this dress was lost. She looked for it for a long time and felt it a pity.

Then she came to her senses, blushed and shouted, "Ron, you are such a lustful man! You peeped at me changing clothes! "

Then she stretched out her fist to beat Ron. The two of them both remembered what happened that night. At that time, Jane was Ron's assistant. Ron was invited to a makeup ball held by a company, and Jane followed him there as his assistant.

Jane wore this dress with a butterfly mask. However, when Jane arrived at the party, the organizers thought that her dressing was too simple to match other guests, so they found a new set of dramatic clothes for her.

When she went to change her clothes, she felt someone was in the dressing room next to her through the curtain. But when she went there, she didn't see anyone. But the dress she had changed was gone when she came back.

At that time, she felt very strange. Who would specially come to take her dress? After that, she looked for it for a long time, but still couldn't find it. She felt embarrassed to trouble the sponsor for this matter.

It turned out that the dress was in Ron's office.

"Tell me the truth. How many female employees have peeped at when changing their clothes?" Pointing at Ron's nose, Jane complained.

"You are the only one I've seen naked in this world. You caught me today, didn't you?" Ron smiled and held her fingertips in his mouth.

Thinking of what happened that night, Jane asked, "Hey, why did you take my dress?"

Ron raised his hands and said, "I didn't mean it! At that time, I went to change my clothes because I also

r dinner, Soren played chess with Jerome. Ron had to stand aside and watch the game because he was a bad chess player.

Janet made tea for Jane and Elsa. Last time when they came to have dinner, Janet made ordinary good tea. But this time it was totally different. Janet took out the treasured ceramic tea set and made a pot of tea elegantly and slowly. The ceramic teapot was very small, and the water spilled over the tea set. The faint fragrance spread throughout the room.

Seeing that the teapot was of good quality and it was obviously nourished by good tea every day, Elsa couldn't help laughing and said, "Auntie, you really love tea. How could you raise this teapot so well?"

"Oh, Elsa knows about tea." Janet looked at Elsa with a smile.

"Porcelain needs tea water to nourish it. Otherwise, because of the special materials, there will be slight cracks. The more nourishing the teapot is, the more low-key and gentle it looks. This teapot seems to make tea every day." Elsa replied with a smile.

Janet praised, "You know tea well."

"Yes, my father likes tea, but most of the tea he drinks is the local tea from YC County. It's not that good." said Elsa with a smile.

"Speaking of your father, he is a good man. When he was young, he was very courageous, iron hearted, and did a lot of things for the people in Linchuan City. Now I think about it, I have always admired him." Janet said with a smile.

Hearing that, Elsa was stunned. She didn't know what to say, because the person that Janet referred to was obviously Jason, while Elsa didn't have much sense of intimacy with such a father.

She didn't say anything but smiled. Janet smiled and said, "But being gentle is also good. Being gentle means not to be so strong. Iron blood is easy to offend people. But it's a long time ago. Let's forget about it."

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