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   Chapter 213 Lost His Head

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Seeing that he drank it up, Chloe smiled and said, "Then you go there. I won't go with you. I have something else to do."

Mr. Maurice nodded again and got out of the elevator. Without getting out of the elevator, Chloe directly pressed the first floor button and went downstairs to call Ron.

After drinking that glass of water, Mr. Maurice felt a little strange. Because he had been helping Johnson these days. He wore casual clothes. He was not afraid of the cold, so he didn't wear much. But the temperature in the hotel still made him feel hot. Even if he unfastened his clothes, it was still a little hot.

The abnormal heat made him a little vigilant, but his mind was a little confused, as if his mind had been extracted and he could not think normally.

He coughed heavily and held the glass of water for Jane. Without thinking too much, he drank it up again. But after drinking up the glass of water, his heat was not alleviated, but a little hotter than before. He just wanted to get Jane out of here. Holding the empty glass, he went straight into room 216.

Caspar put away his phone and looked at the room not far away. He stood aside and watched the fun with a playful expression. The model he had made an appointment with said to him in a flattering tone, "Mr. Qiao, I want to take a shower first. How about we enter the room first?"

Caspar was not in the mood to look at her at all. All his attention was on the two people who had just been schemed by Chloe. The model was a little annoyed when she saw that Caspar didn't say anything for several times. It was not until then that Caspar remembered the woman standing next to him. He smiled and said, "I'm a little tired tonight. I have to go home and have a rest. I'll ask you out next time."

The model was really angry now, but she didn't dare to lose her temper. She squeezed out a smile and acted like a spoiled child, "Mr. Qiao, Mr. Qiao..."

Caspar pushed her away and reached out his hand to tidy up his clothes that were pulled messy by her. The famous model knew that he had made up his mind, so she had to say, "Then remember to call me next time, Mr. Qiao."

Reluctantly, she left in her high heels.

Mr. Maurice entered room 216 and began to look for Jane. In fact, he was a little confused about the purpose of coming to the hotel. Mr. Maurice didn't know why. Although he was thirty five years old, he had always been a virgin. But he also understood what it was. It was an instinctive reaction of men.

He saw a vague figure in front of him. "Jane?"

He called out her name subconsciously. He didn't know if it was Jane or not. He only knew that she was a woman, because she had a s

d you call her? What happened?" All of a sudden, Elsa's sleepiness was gone. She reached out for her clothes.

Soren also heard what she said and helped her put on her clothes.

Mrs. Sophia said anxiously, "Here is the thing. Mr. Maurice's family came to Linchuan City today and said that they wanted to see Jane. We had agreed last night that she would wait for them at the airport early this morning. Not only is Jane missing, but also no one answering Mr. Maurice's phone. It's been a whole night. I thought they went out last night and would come back early this morning. But it was still the same in the morning."

"Mr. Maurice is missing, too?" Elsa asked anxiously.

Soren beckoned her to give him the phone. He took the phone and asked, "Aunt, has Mr. Maurice's family arrived at the airport? I'll send someone to pick them up right away. Don't worry. I'm going to find Mr. Maurice and Jane now. I'll call you back in ten minutes."

His calm voice and arrangement of the matter, and that he had made sure that the details of "ten minutes" made Mrs. Sophia a little relieved in her heart. After hanging up the phone, Soren immediately called Ron. It was the best chance for him to find Jane through Ron.

But no one answered Ron's phone. Soren hung up the phone decisively and called Caspar. Caspar was woken up in the hotel room and was about to go out to watch a good show. When he received the phone call from Soren, he said, "You are not an outsider, are you? Why didn't you expect to beg me when you hit me?"

"Cut the crap. You hit me a lot when I was a child. I can't settle accounts with you for ten years. Where is Ron now? Is he with Jane?"

Caspar smiled and said, "You ask me a strange question. How do I know where he is? How do I know is he with Jane?"

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