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   Chapter 212 He Is Really A Bad Guy

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10616

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Soren remembered that when they just got married, she kept shouting and waking up in her dreams for several nights. He was afraid that it was because the air-conditioner made the air too dry at home, so as long as it was not too cold or too hot, he tried to reduce the number of opening air-conditioning at home, and specially bought a humidifier.

The weather was too cold these days, so he had to turn on the air conditioner. When Elsa woke up in the middle of the night, he got up and turned on the humidifier. Feeling that the temperature and humidity in the room had reached a suitable level, he held Elsa tightly in his arms and coaxed her to sleep slowly.

Too many things had happened at the same night, changing the fate of many people.

That night, in a hotel, for the first time, Lester invited his subordinates to a dinner party. On one hand, they could be more familiar with each other, and on the other hand, they should strengthen the connection with the employees. As the most direct subordinate of Lester and the most capable subordinate now, Jane was obliged to participate.

On the other hand, Ron was excluded from the invitation list by Lester. It was said that he was the big boss, so everyone would feel uncomfortable eating if he was there and he asked him not to make trouble with them.

Coincidentally, Ron had a big client to receive, so he didn't have time to attend the dinner with Lester.

It was still early after Ron received the clients. But he was a little tired after drinking a lot of wine and went back to Caspar's living place alone. After entering the door, he rushed into the bathroom and threw up. Then he staggered out and fell asleep on the sofa.

Ron was woken up by a stick. It was so painful that he shivered and got up. He saw a soft girl looking at him vigilantly and glaring at him with a stick. He pinched the middle of his tired eyebrows and said, "Did I go to the wrong room?"

Holding the stick tightly, Joyce looked at him and asked, "Who the hell are you?"

Her voice was trembling because of fear and lack of confidence.

"I didn't go wrong. Who the hell are you?" Ron looked around and touched his aching forehead.

Seeing his expression, Joyce thought he was really a bad guy. She grabbed the stick and was about to hit him again. Ron caught the stick and was about to say something when Caspar came in from the kitchen with a glass of wine in his hand.

Ron said, "Hey, Caper. When did you have a woman at home?"

"Is it strange that there is a woman in my house? It will be strange if there is no woman in my house." Caspar sat down with a smile.

Hearing that, Joyce's hand became soft and the stick fell to the ground. She lowered her head and said to Ron, "Sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't know that you are a friend of Caper. When I saw you come in drunk and sleep on the sofa, I thought you were a drunkard."

She looked at Caspar uneasily. It turned out that Caspar had just come back and he was in the kitchen. He had witnessed the scene that she was very scared when she saw a stranger break in. She nervously took a stick to hit Ron, but he did not come out early. He didn't take her seriousl

ne, he hung up the phone without hesitation and rushed to the hotel.

Standing behind Jane not far away, Caspar heard Chloe make a phone call. He also saw what had happened to Jane just now, and a mocking smile appeared on his face as usual. After thinking for a while, he got the general idea of Chloe. Since Ron was obsessed with Jane, she must want Ron to see the scene that Mr. Maurice and Jane were together, so that Ron could give up. As for Jane and Mr. Maurice, they were in love in front of outsiders. Even if they had sex, it was normal for others.

In this way, no one would come to compete for Ron with her after Jane was really together with Mr. Maurice.

Feeling someone was behind her, Chloe subconsciously turned around. Caspar took two steps back behind the wall and didn't call Ron immediately. He wanted to see what else Chloe could do.

Mr. Maurice appeared at the door of the hotel soon with concern on his face. Chloe walked up to him said, "Are you Mr. Maurice? Jane is drunk. She is in room 216. You'd better go there as soon as possible."

Mr. Maurice nodded and said nothing, nor did he look at Chloe. He had a small problem with facing the woman, and he couldn't say anything and strode towards the elevator. With two glasses of water in her hands, Chloe said, "Mr. Maurice, Jane is drunk. Can you bring me a glass of water?"

Mr. Maurice wanted to say no, but it was his first time to see Chloe, so he was a little nervous and he said anything. Thinking of Jane, he waved his hand at Chloe, indicating that it was unnecessary. Following him, Chloe smiled and said, "You must be hot that you come all the way here. This glass of water is prepared for you."

Mr. Maurice wanted to say no, but he couldn't say it in front of a strange woman. This was really a headache for him. It was impolite not to say anything when he thought that Chloe was either a friend of Jane or a colleague of her. He simply took the two glasses of water from her hand, drank one up in one gulp, and held the other glass in his hand, indicating that he accepted the kindness, and left the other to Jane.

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