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   Chapter 191 Work Changed

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Jane and other employees didn't know what had happened. They waited anxiously. The change in Jane's work was also caused by Ron at the beginning.

She didn't expect that she would leave this industry in just more than half a year.

At the thought of the bill at home, her mother in poor health and the little Bun who was growing up, Jane felt a headache. Did she have to go back to the hospital to work as a nurse without any chance of promotion? She was more anxious than others, waiting for an uneasy result.

An employee in front of her came out of the meeting room with a complicated expression. A lot of people crowded forward to ask about the situation, and Jane stood behind her and listened. The employee spread out her hands and said, "I am fired. They say that they don't need any employees for this position. But I will be compensated with n+1 months' salary, and n is the working years. I have been working here for 6 years, which means I can get the compensation for 7 months. 70 thousand dollars is enough for me to hold on to the time when I find a new job,"

the employee said, still a little upset. After all, if she continued to work, in addition to high salary, there was also a lot of bonus, as well as a high amount of five insurance, and some other hidden benefits.

"Are you sure they don't need this department?" someone asked immediately.

"That's what those people said. They said that the company would no longer continue the business of this department and all the posts in this department would be reduced."

Jane's heart sank. She was in the same department with the employee who just came out. If she was paid with n+1 month's salary as compensation, since her working years was very short, and the compensation would be very little.

She clenched her fists nervously. Other employees were called into the meeting room one after another and soon came out. Some stayed for a while, and there was sadness everywhere. They heard the news of reducing staff from time to time.

"Seven people were fired from the commerce department, the head and his subordinates!"

"Nine employees of the customer service department have been fired!"

"The whole vice general manager's office, as well as the vice general manager and the secretary, are all dismissed!"

Everyone rushed to report anxiously. Not to mention reducing the staff, the company had been peaceful before, and no one had guessed that such a thing would happen. There were also people talking about whether the company was closed down or acquired. No one had a valid explanation, and the discussion was in chaos. Some of them had already searched for new jobs online and submitted their resumes before they were called into the meeting room.

After being anxious for a while, Jane calmed down. Thinking that she would leave anyway, it was useless to be anxious now. She carefully sorted out the work at hand and sorted out all the things she should do today. Even if she was to leave, she had to do the last day's work.

"It's your turn! Jane. In the meeting room!" someone shouted outside the door.

Jane took a deep breath, opened the door and w

she was willing to do it.

"Great!" With a big smile on his face, Lester said, "Submit your application for overtime pay and meal allowance to me at that time. I will apply for them according to the highest payment."

"Thank you, manager Jiang." Jane walked out with a smile and shook her head slightly. Lester was generous and kind at work, which made Jane dare not be careless at all. Generosity was just to encourage employees to do better, but it didn't mean that their work could be relaxed.

She sorted out all the materials and reports in a hurry. It hadn't been a long time since Jane entered the industry, so she was not completely familiar with everything. But she had always been hardworking and frugal, so she was familiar with many things.

She had been busy for a long time, but was shocked by the ringtone and out of work. Little Bun was still young and still in a childish voice. He asked, "Mom, when will you go home?"

"Mommy can't come back tonight. Little Bun and grandma take good care of yourselves at home. Don't worry about Mommy." Jane's voice was as soft as water, which made Ron's heart ache. He was just about to push the door open.

"Then we'll keep spareribs and rice for mommy. Remember to eat them after work. Grandma put them in the electric pot," Little Bun said in a low voice.

After hanging up the phone, Jane checked the time. It was already ten o'clock in the evening. She had called back before dinner. Maybe it was because little Bun didn't see her go home that he called before he went to bed.

After hanging up the phone, she took a few bites of the already cold meal, stood up and poured herself a large cup of coffee, fully prepared for tonight's overtime work.

She shook her numb hand, stood up and simply jumped a few times. "1234, 5678, 1234, 5678..."

She wanted to awaken herself by the aerobics. She was a petite girl with slender limbs. But for some reason, she was not good at sports at all. Even Elsa, who didn't often do sports, did the aerobics better than her. She jumped like a cute koala, a little clumsy, but more lovely.

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