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   Chapter 186 Endless Destiny

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All of a sudden, it dawned on Elsa. She nodded and said emotionally, "That's the limitation of the times. Nowadays, the society is different. No matter that people come from Hong Kong, or where else they come from, or even from abroad, they are treated equally in our country. Not to mention that they are a family. I hope that mom, dad and Uncle Heather will have a smooth life and career in the future. That's not only their fortune, but also ours."

"Right. It will." Soren rubbed her hair and said, "Then we have to go back today. The elders must be very worried about us."

The two of them tidied up and walked out. They happened to meet Mr. Maurice. Both of Elsa and Soren felt a little sorry for Mr. Maurice. It was them who helped Mr. Maurice make a match, and it was them who broke up the relationship for their friends. "Mr. Maurice, I'm sorry," said Elsa apologetically.

"Nothing. It's not your fault. Don't take it to heart." Mr. Maurice was well aware of this matter. It was not that Elsa and Soren who could decide the relationship of him and Jane. In the final analysis, it depended on Jane's intention.

Soren whispered to Elsa, "Elsa, wait for me in the car. I have something to talk to Mr. Maurice."

Elsa took the key, nodded and walked towards his car. Seeing Soren and Mr. Maurice were talking about something in a low voice, she knew that not only Mr. Maurice was in a bad mood, but also Soren felt very sorry for his friend. Coincidentally, both sides were his best friends. She knew that it must be difficult for him to get involved in this.

After thinking for a while, she saw that Soren was walking towards her. She asked in a hurry, "Have you made a deal with Mr. Maurice?"

"Yes. I have arranged more work for him. I hope he will pay more attention to his work and not feel so sad," Soren said in a bad tone.

"That's good." Elsa felt a little relieved. "I didn't expect so many things to happen at that time. Chloe and Ron were going to get married and engaged for no more than ten times. I didn't expect that they didn't make it every time."

Soren shook his head and smiled, saying, "Don't worry. We are all for the sake of our friends. There is nothing we could do about it. It meant that Ron and Jane might be destined to be together. As a matter of fact, when I first met little Bun, I felt familiar with him. It turned out that the feeling was from Ron. I just wondered how those strange feelings and emotions came from."

Elsa could not help smiling and said, "I went to your grandma's room to look for Ron's childhood photos."

"Did you see my picture when I was a child?" Soren said as he started the car.

"Guess." There was a joyful expression on Elsa's face.

"I guess... You must have been attracted by my handsome appearance when I was a child, so you forgot to see Ron's photo?"

Elsa laughed and said, "You're right! You haven't changed at al

to be more nervous than Johnson. Both Walter and Fred wore a smile on their faces. It was obvious that they had made great efforts to make it.

Johnson looked for a long time in the package he brought, and then found a bottle of medicinal wine from many things. He handed it to Zed and said, "I heard that your waist hurts. There is a barefoot doctor in our hometown who specialize in treating this disease. It took me a long time to get the medicine because he was too old to see anyone. I soaked the medicine in the special wine and brought it here. If you don't mind, just have a try. Anyway, it's an external medicine. It won't affect you if it doesn't work."

Zed and Mia quickly took it over and smiled, saying, "You are so thoughtful. You make it specially and bring it all the way here. Thank you so much."

Johnson looked at Elsa, and then looked at Soren. He smiled and said, "It's also my daughter who has told me several times. She asked me to ask the doctor when I have time. If it works, you can go to YC County and let the doctor check on you in person."

"It turns out that it is Elsa who is so considerate. What a good girl!" Mia praised Elsa with a smile.

"Elsa is a quiet girl. In fact, she is a good girl. She knows how to care for people and be filial to the elders." Johnson was not modest. He praised his daughter in public, which made Elsa a little embarrassed. She said softly, "Dad."

Susie said with a smile, "That's right. I always know that this child is a good girl. In this regard, our son has the most say."

Holding her hand, Soren nodded repeatedly in front of everyone. His love and care for Elsa were evident in his expression. It made others envied, so Heather subconsciously held Susie's shoulder in his arms.

The harmonious atmosphere made everyone present have different feelings. After a while, Donna served the dinner. The weather was getting cold, so they had pot beef for dinner.

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