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   Chapter 185 Do Everything To Be Good To Her

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 7535

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They had been apart for so many years, but it seemed that they hadn't separated from each other. Now he was willing to do everything to be good to her.

The two of them were dancing casually and a little familiar, gently embracing each other on the stage. Soren lowered his head and kissed on Elsa's red lips with a smile all the time. He knew that what had happened just now was just his fantasy. How could it be possible that he had met her so early? It must be because she was so beautiful tonight that he had an illusion.

He just wanted to kiss her, hug her and give her everything he could do.

The humming of the two stopped abruptly in the intoxicating kiss. Elsa stood on tiptoe, following his movements and steps, and responding his passionate long kiss.

Soren didn't let go of her until she felt a little breathless and covered her chest with her hand. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to himself, whispering, "Zaza, I'm so happy that you can come over."

Elsa grabbed his clothes and said with a smile, "You said you wanted to listen to me singing this song. I didn't want to sing it before because I had never sung it before. I want to sing for you when I practice more."

"It's good. My Zaza sings well." Soren chuckled, held her in his arms and looked at her affectionately.

Being stared at by his passionate eyes, Elsa felt a little embarrassed. Her heart was filled with a lot of enthusiasm. The sense of satisfaction and security made her stand on tiptoe and kiss his beautiful thin lips again.

Soren held her up and said in a hoarse voice, "Zaza, let's go back."

Elsa blushed and let him carry her to his house.

When he came, Elsa asked Bob to put the birthday cake in his room. When the two of them went back, they saw the very exquisite cake, which was very beautiful. The rose petals on it were personally made by Elsa. It took her a whole afternoon to finish it.

Soren held her in his arms and sat down on the chair. He stretched out his hand and touched the mousse, then put it on her face. Seeing this, Elsa burst into laughter. "Ren, you haven't made a wish yet!"

"Right, I have a wish." Soren put a candle on it and lit it. Then, Elsa got out of his arms and helped him. Soren looked

anged greatly, which could not be cancelled.

So he discussed with Elsa and asked the elders on both sides to celebrate the birthday together.

Elsa nodded and agreed with his proposal. "In this way, everyone will be happy. It's a win-win solution."

"Right. In the past, my mother and Uncle Heather hadn't been married. I was afraid that my father would be embarrassed if he showed up. Now that they were married, this problem didn't exist. Last time when your parents came, the three families' elders were good together."

"Why do Uncle Heather and mom get married so late?" Elsa asked curiously. In the past, it was not easy to say these things out. Now, they were so close to each other that they would not hide a lot of things.

Soren smiled with a touch of sadness, saying, "Last time, grandma also said that in fact, mommy has feelings for daddy. At that time, mother and Uncle Heather were about to get married. When father came back, she hesitated. At that time, they didn't get married. Later, mother and father were not together, but Uncle Heather happened to have some development in his career. Mother was afraid that the identity of her being a mother and her own identity as a merchant from HK would affect Uncle Heather, so she had not been officially married for so many years. So I have always respected Uncle Heather and my mother. They are all great people and are willing to make the greatest sacrifice for the people they care about. They have always been my role model."

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