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   Chapter 184 A Tough Conversation

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10086

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Ron was also a little anxious. "Mom, are you going to ignore the happiness of me and the whole family just for the sake of gratitude? I used to think about the kindness of Uncle Xu's family, so I always indulged Chloe. No matter what she does, I will let her be and clean up the way for her. But later, as you can see, she is getting more and more greedy day by day, completely ignoring my feelings. I have been working hard on this relationship. And the boy with Jane is my own son, your grandson! After so many years, I should have seen clearly what I should and shouldn't have. Mom, please help me."

Paled with anger, his mother said, "But... How can I get along with the Xu family! How can I face your dead father!"

In the afternoon, Mia also called to ask Elsa about Jane and Ron. Thinking that everyone would know about it sooner or later, she could not help but explain it to her grandma in a low voice. Mia had watched Ron grow up and liked Ron very much. She sighed and said, "So Ron has a seven year old son?"

"Yes, Grandma." "You don't have to worry too much. The two of them have feelings for each other. I believe that Ron will handle it well."

"Yes, you're right. But I'm not worried about Ron. He is mature and he is loyal to love. There's nothing to worry about. But anyway, don't make too much trouble. I think it's mostly because of the idea of Caper. He is a kid who likes to make a scene. We live together in the luxury houses on the top of the mountain. We can see each other often. Isn't it making the elders of the Xu family unhappy?" Mia said sincerely.

Elsa understood what was going on at once. With Grandma's years of experience and understanding of the younger generation, she could tell the truth at once. Elsa knew that Grandma was a very sensitive old woman, and also admired her for treating the younger generation well. She nodded and said, "When I have time, I will have a talk with Ren and ask him to mediate in front of friends."

Mia was also satisfied with the consideration of Elsa. She smiled and said, "Ron and Ren are about the same age. But Ron's son is already seven years old. I don't know when my Ren can be a father."

Hearing that, Elsa blushed a little and said in a low voice, "Grandma."

"I won't push you. I won't say it anymore. I know you are good kids and have your own plan. Take your time. Don't worry." Mia hung up the phone with a smile.

Elsa put away her phone and searched online. She didn't know much about the safe period and the dangerous period before. Since she was preparing for pregnancy, she had mastered a lot of knowledge about it. It was said that it was easier for two people to get pregnant when the woman was in her dangerous period. She calculated that she was in this period of time these days. Although they had had sex in dangerous period before and she hadn't been pregnant, this kind of thing still needed to be tested more before it could succeed.

It was late when Soren finished the emergency meeting that night. Alt

ery happy.

Seeing him show up, Elsa felt a little embarrassed. They lived a natural life, but she was still a little embarrassed to do such things which looked like in the love novels. When she saw him standing at the door with a tall and handsome figure, she could not help but slightly close her eyes and lower her head. It was not until she heard his footsteps and walked towards her steadily and forcefully that she plucked up her courage to look straight into his dark and divine eyes.

Her voice was slow, calm and pleasant, like a fast flowing stream, which was not too eye-catching, but once you were attracted, it could comfort people's heart. All the qualities of her, which were easy or hard to find, had attracted him at the first time. They were what he wanted. No matter what the world was, he could find power from them.

He walked up to her. Elsa was a little embarrassed. Her voice was a little lower and even a little trembling with uneasiness. She had always been worried about whether she had done well in this relationship. Since she began to care about him, everything she wanted to do was in line with his imagination.

The more she cared about him, the more worried she would be.

He stretched out his bony big palm, took her hands in his palm, and almost subconsciously held her in his arms. She raised her head and looked at him. The song didn't stop. Her long dress was seductive, and her delicate body was attached to his strong body.

Subconsciously, he hummed the tune to follow her rhythm. He used to sing those powerful songs with others before, so his voice was clear, and in the same place with her soft and whispering voice, the strength beauty of men and the unique tenderness and beauty of women were perfectly mixed.

All of a sudden, he felt that he had seen her in a very long time, as if they had known each other for a long time. It seemed that at that time, before she could speak, he could stay by her side and say a lot, telling her everything he saw...

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