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   Chapter 183 Sarcasm

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10280

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"What? Really? When are you going to bring your husband to have dinner with us? Why are you always alone?"

"Sometimes he is very busy. I will ask him to come out and have a get-together with us when he has time," Elsa explained in a soft voice.

Elsa was optimistic, and Jane was not in a good mood at all. Someone in the office came to her with a newspaper and kept asking her about the news. "Hello, Jane, when did you fall in love? So surprising."

In a low mood, Jane glanced at the newspaper, propped her chin with her hands and thought about something unhappily.

After a while, her direct leader called her into the office and said a few words to her in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Jane understood that the company she was in now was just a competitor of Ron's. Now that she and Ron had made such a thing, it was inevitable that they would thought that she worked in the company with ulterior motives.

The strange gaze made her feel uncomfortable. Thinking of the pregnancy of Chloe, she felt very depressed. She picked up the phone and wanted to call Ron, but every time at the most critical moment, she lost her courage. She just pretended to know nothing and was busy with her work, ignoring these things.

But it didn't mean that Ron didn't care. When she got off work, she didn't take the elevator but took the stairs. When she was at the stairs, she was blocked by Ron.

Ron's eyes turned red. It could tell that he had been suffering a lot these days. When he saw Jane, he said in a hoarse voice, "Jane!"

Jane didn't dare to respond. Her accumulated emotions had been piled up to the verge of eruption during this period of time. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she would cry and couldn't bear this complicated emotion.

Hearing this, she didn't respond. Instead, she turned around and ran upstairs. She didn't know where to go. All she wanted to do was to go to a place where no one was around, where there was no Ron. If it was possible, she would rather live a simple life in the past than now. The road of dilemma was in front of her, but she could not make a decision.

"Jane!" Ron strode forward and pulled her into his arms.

Jane struggled in a hurry, clenched her fists and hit him hard. Ron didn't change his face and let her hit him. She was really annoyed. She hit him hard every time, but no matter how hard she hit, Ron wouldn't let her go. Finally, she didn't know how long it had passed. When she was tired, Ron reached out to hold her fist.

Jane tried to get rid of his arms and wrists, but the more she struggled, the more she couldn't get away. There was a natural difference in strength between men and women. It was not until he grasped her small fist and his big palm covered her cold fist that Jane, who seldom cried, felt a lump in her throat and tears fell on the back of his hand, and it suddenly fainted and dyed it into pieces. A puddle of water spread on the back of his hand, leaving a mark on his skin for a long time.

The tears were warm and cold, but Ron only felt that they were burning.

a smile.

When Ron came back home, his mother was a little angry. She had read the newspaper. She didn't dare to go out because of this. The relationship between the Qin family and the Xu family had been on the table for many years. At this critical moment, her son made such a fuss, which was known to all. She didn't dare to face the criticism of the Xu family.

As soon as Ron entered the room, he met his mother's stern gaze. Her eyes were red and swollen. It could be seen that she had worried a lot about her son. Ron called, "Mom!"

"If you still have me in your eyes, you can go to the Xu family to have a talk with Coco. Otherwise, you will think that I am not your mother!"

"Mom, it's a foregone conclusion that I break up with Chloe. I have told you what she has done. Why don't you understand?" Ron felt helpless.

He was responsible for her and didn't want to speak ill of her behind her back. As a man, he was too careless seven years ago and Chloe pretended to be Jane. In his opinion, most of the mistakes were caused by himself and he didn't blame Chloe all the time. So the things that he mentioned about Chloe in front of his mother were all unimportant. As for other things, since they had broken up, he rarely mentioned them. Besides, his mother liked Chloe. She said, "Ron, you lost your father since you were a child. We have been living a good life. These uncles and aunts in the villa on the top of the mountain have helped us a lot. Especially the Xu family, when you were a child, you were sick all the time. I was busy with work and making money, so I didn't have time to care about you. If it weren't for your Uncle Xu and Aunt Xu who often took care of you, how could you be today? Even if it's not for anything else, you have to appreciate the kindness of Uncle Xu and his family! Don't you know that the Xu family is always depressed because Norah haven't been married to Ren? If you want to break up with Chloe again, what will the Xu family look like? I don't allow you to say something about breaking up!"

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