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   Chapter 178 Once Loved

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This was the third time. But for the rest of the time, he didn't have such a concept in his mind. Even if he didn't say it out of his own will, and even if Candice looked like Elsa, he had to say that Elsa looked comfortable and pleasant, while he always felt something wrong when he looked at Candice.

Perhaps it was because of her curly yellow hair, or perhaps it was because of the dark and fierce expression on her face that he could not imagine that this was the person he had once loved before. He couldn't explain, so he looked away.

Candice still didn't give up and followed him, but Soren had already strode to his car, opened the door and drove it out.

Candice stamped her feet with hatred.

The atmosphere in the ward where Caspar's parents and Caspar were was weird and depressing.

The pregnant girl was called Joyce Mo, sitting by the window and crying. Her mother was a woman who looked a little stingy, and her words were more obvious. She pointed at Jason's nose and said angrily, "I don't want money. Take back your stinky money! Since your son has ruined the purity of our daughter, you have to marry her. Marry her in a proper way with manners. This is the only way to solve this problem. I'll tell you. I won't accept other solutions. Joyce, Joyce, why don't you say something?"

With a pale face, Joyce sat on the bed with her legs crossed. She didn't know how to respond, but just sat silently, looking pitiful.

Jason had no choice but to withdraw his eyes from the money and said, "We are not of the same social rank. No way. The money is here. Take the money and abort the child. I can also arrange a formal job for your daughter. Think about it yourself. How worthwhile it is. If your daughter marries into our family, how can you guarantee that she will live a good life?"

"Hey, are you threatening me with my daughter's happiness? Anyway, she has lost her virginity. How happy she will be if she doesn't marry your son? No way! No way! I'll give you three more days. If you don't give me an answer, I'll really go to the municipal government and expose it to the newspaper office!"

With a livid face, Jason walked out of the room. Shirley couldn't help saying, "This woman doesn't eat neither hard nor soft tactics. I think it's better to start with her daughter and let her give up voluntarily."

"That woman pretended to be pitiful and didn't answer. She and her mother are both shameless. One pretends to be tough and the other pretends to be soft. Obviously, she is not a good person!" Caspar commented casually.

"You are the one who is not a good person. It's all your fault!" Jason was so angry that he was about to punch him.

Shirley pulled him and said, "Don't you hit your son in the hospital! Do you want to make it messier?! We have to go home first! I think you'd better arrange the work for Joyce's brothers and sisters?"

"Arrange what? They are all a g

e and bright side of the leader. He happened to meet Elsa coming out of the cultural department after work at noon. Elsa was quiet and elegant, gentle and reasonable, which made people feel at ease at any time. Jason greeted her first, "Elsa, do you have an interview in the municipal government?"

"Mr. Jason?" It never occurred to Elsa that she would meet Jason. Jason's office was several buildings away from here. She smiled and said, "No, I've been working in the cultural department recently. I was borrowed here and I'll be back in a few days."

"Oh, really?" It was not until now that Jason realized that it was true. A few days ago, Caspar had a temper with him because of this. He sighed deeply in his heart and became closer to Elsa. "Are you going to have lunch?"

Elsa nodded, "Yes. Have you had lunch?"

"I'm going to eat. Let's go together." Jason didn't want to go too far, but he said it naturally.

Elsa just asked casually, as if they were greeting each other. "Have you eaten yet?" "Yes, have you eaten yet?"

Who would have thought that the arrogant Mr. Jason would casually say that he would have lunch with her, just like a neighbor whom they often met? Seeing that she was a little embarrassed, Jason also realized something and smiled, "I suddenly remember that I have some business to deal with. I have to go back now. You can eat by yourself."

"Okay. Bye, Mr. Jason." Elsa breathed a sigh of relief. She was so busy with her work that she didn't mind meeting her leader. In private, she really didn't like to get along with her leaders. It was too tired to get along with them. There was only one exception, Mr. Soren.

Thinking of Soren, she couldn't help smiling.

While she was thinking, she received a call from Soren. He smiled and asked, "Have you finished your work?"

"Yes, I'm going to have lunch. What do you have for lunch?" Hearing his clear and pleasant voice, Elsa couldn't help smiling.

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