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   Chapter 177 Weakness

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Soren chuckled and said, "That's good. Lie down a little longer."

"Do you want to sleep a little longer?" Elsa asked softly.

"I slept well too. I fell asleep as soon as I touched the pillow. Then I got up... My hands are numb." Soren looked down at her with a smile and reached out to rub her ear.

Elsa had been resisting passively before, but this time she took the initiative to tickle Soren. She had thought that he was so good at dodging that she couldn't tickle him, but she didn't expect that her hand could easily reach his creak. She was stunned. When Elsa opened her fingers to tickle him, Soren laughed out and reached out to grab her fingers. But he was afraid that he might hurt her, so he grabbed her fingers and begged with a smile, "Zaza, I surrender!"

"So you also have your weakness." It was the first time that Elsa found that he was also afraid of itch. She became interested at once. She refused to accept his surrender and deliberately tickled him again.

Soren laughed out loud, "I'm also afraid of itch! Help! Honey, I really admit defeat!"

Elsa didn't stop teasing him. "No, I've been teased by you for many times. This time, I'll take the interests back."

After saying that, she turned over and sat on him. She couldn't stop laughing. After a long time, she found that Soren didn't laugh and felt how ambiguous her posture was. She was riding on his body. Because of her constant movements and laughter, the posture seemed to be very similar to that. With a red face, Elsa simply leaned on his chest as an ostrich.

Soren clasped her buttocks and held her tightly. His voice was a little hoarse. Because she was not in a good condition, he tried hard to control his desire and said slowly, "The elders said that those who are afraid of itch are afraid of their wives. I didn't realize it until now."

"Didn't you know you were afraid of itch before?" Elsa raised her head curiously.

"No, I has already found the former. I found the latter now," Soren said seriously.

Elsa leaned against his chest as she said, "You're the CEO, and I'm the director of the logistics department. Why are you afraid of me?"

Although she said so, the indescribable sweetness in her heart spread all over her body. In fact, what mattered was not whether they were afraid of each other or not, but the word "fear" appeared between the two people in love, which had a lot of care and attention, and had been separated from "fear".

Soren chuckled, "Mrs. Elsa, the CEO is going to take a shower. It's really out of line with the construction and development of the society and family to do such a flirting thing."

It was not until now that Elsa realized that a man could not resist temptation, especially in the morning. She turned over in a hurry and burst into laughter when she saw him bending into the bathroom awkwardly. After laughing, she was filled with such happiness between the two people in her heart. Instead, she stopped laughing. She j

cuse of pregnancy. How could my brother marry such a girl so casually? And it is hard to tell who the father of her baby is. My father is going to get his promotion next year..."

Soren stopped and said, "I think I can do nothing about it. I'm sorry."

"Ren! I just... I just want to find someone to talk." There was an unspeakable pain in Candice's voice. "The house is full of melancholy. My brother goes around to pick up girls every day. My father and brother quarrel with each other every time they meet. Ren, you and my brother grew up together. Can you help me persuade him?"

Soren thought for a while. It was not because of Candice, but because of the friendship in the past. When did Caspar become like this, or he had always been like this, but Soren didn't care much, and Soren couldn't explain it clearly. But he knew it was none of his business, so he said, "No."

Unconsciously, they arrived at the gate of the hospital. Soren turned around and went to the parking lot to get his car. The sound of Candice's high heels followed him all the time. "You can't? Then why do you come to the hospital? My father, mother and brother are all in that girl's ward. Don't you dare to say that you are here for this matter?"

It was rare for Elsa to wear high-heeled shoes. Even if she wore high-heeled shoes, she walked elegantly. She seldom made such a loud noise as she knocked on the concrete ground. Soren was a little annoyed by the sound following him all the time. He turned his head and subconsciously looked at Candice. "Who says that I come to the hospital for the affairs of your Qiao family? Can't I come to the hospital for my own thing?"

It was not until then that he realized that Elsa and Candice really looked a little alike. This was the third time that he had realized this fact. The first time was when his parents found the photo of him and Candice on his bedside table, and the second time was when Johnny threw the photo of Candice in front of Elsa.

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