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   Chapter 176 Really

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He was in a hurry and had no intention of staying any longer. He asked the waiter to pay the bill regardless of Elsa's refusal. "I'm sorry, sister-in-law. I'll treat you to dinner another day. I'm sorry for my absence today."

He was well-educated and was a gentleman. Elsa understood his mood and nodded. When Ron was about to leave, Elsa suddenly stopped him. "Ron, I have something to ask you."

"Please go ahead." Ron stopped.

Elsa looked at him seriously and asked, "Ron, do you really love Janie? If so, I hope you can hold on, make up for your mistakes and treat her well. If not..."

Ron listened to her quietly and waited for her to say it word by word. "If not, Ron, Janie has suffered a lot, and she is very determined and silly to love. If you are not sure about your feelings, don't make Janie embarrassed, and don't let her get hurt again."

Ron nodded gratefully. He knew that Elsa and Jane were close and what Elsa said was for the sake of her friend. Elsa continued, "If you want to treat her well, please give her more time. I know Janie very well. She looks careless and doesn't care about anything. She seems to be strong, but there are rich and exquisite feelings in her heart. You have been with Chloe for so many years, and everyone knows how good you treated her. If I were Janie, it would be hard for me to believe that the person you have loved for so many years has always been Janie. I'm sorry that I have said too much. I believe that you have your own actions and plans. I just hope that I can see a truly happy Janie as soon as possible."

Ron nodded solemnly. His lonely figure finally disappeared in front of Elsa. Taking a deep breath, Elsa lowered her head and took a sip of the lemonade.

Caspar sat in the distance and looked at her coldly with hostility.

Elsa had more work to do in the cultural department. She didn't know since when, her work had become double, three times and four times slowly. Sometimes, some insignificant but time consuming work was left to her.

This was against the original intention when she was borrowed. For this matter, Elsa found Yates for several times in private. Yates said that he would consider to borrow two more people to help her, and the people he borrowed on the second day were in place. But Elsa was busier than before.

Because it was the case with the two people.

Elsa handed the work to them and asked, "Have I made myself clear just now?"

"Yes, I know everything."

"Okay, then you can do it first. If you don't know anything, you can ask me at any time." After that, Elsa went back to her seat to deal with her own business. Thinking that the people he borrowed were all experienced in work in the local area, Elsa felt relieved. It was not difficult to do these jobs.

In the middle of the way, she wanted to check the work of the two people. She walked over and put the work away. She frowned and asked patiently, "I didn't mean to deal with this problem in this way.

ed together to raise and educate the child. There would also be two people's common marks on the child, and they could also form a beautiful and happy small family.

Just as his mind was getting more and more complicated, he turned to another page, and the key words suddenly appeared. "Test tube baby". He quickly clicked it, opened it and read it carefully.

Before Elsa finished her work, he cleared all the traces of the computer and turned it off.

Since Elsa had her period, the two of them had to go to bed early. Yesterday when Soren was not here, Elsa didn't sleep well. She was very sleepy, but when she went to bed, her sleepiness disappeared. She finally fell asleep, but she was awakened inexplicably in the middle of the night. She turned on the light and fell asleep again.

It was getting cold. Lying in his arms, Elsa closed her eyes and fell asleep soon.

When she got up in the morning, she found that she had been sleeping in the same position the whole night without turning over. And because she was in Soren's arms and held his wrist tightly even when she was asleep. Soren didn't want to wake her up this morning, so he didn't exercise as usual.

When she opened her eyes in a daze, Soren smiled and rubbed her hair with his left hand. Then he pulled out his right hand from her waist.

Realizing that Elsa couldn't sleep well, she went to massage his wrist.

"Hey, don't..." Soren could not stop her in time and he almost cried out. When his hands and feet were pressed and numb, he could have a rest slowly. But when he was suddenly kneaded by her hands, he couldn't forget the feeling.

"Are you okay?" Elsa withdrew her hand in a hurry, not knowing what to do. Soren paused for a moment, put his arm around her shoulder and asked with a smile, "Did you sleep well?"

"Good. I don't know how I fell asleep as I touched the pillow, and then it is in the morning." Elsa had a good sleep. Her face looked good, and her skin was tender and rosy.

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