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   Chapter 169 Agree Or Not

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10072

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Soren had no choice but to say, "Haven't you asked her if she agrees or not?"

"She agreed, agreed!" Mr. Maurice said in a hurry.

"It's up to you. Come here. We'll make room for you." Soren wanted to go out for fun.

"I just want you to be present, sir! Are you listening to me carefully?" Mr. Maurice was anxious.

Soren took back his joke and agreed. He felt a little funny after hanging up the phone, and so did Elsa. She said, "I think they have a good chat through the message, so Mr. Maurice value this meeting so much."

"They are quite complementary to each other. Just let nature take its course. Of course it's a good thing if they can be together." Soren also smiled.

As soon as they finished breakfast, they heard someone knocking at the door. When Elsa opened the door, Mr. Maurice stood at the door and greeted in a low voice, "Hello, sister in law!"

Elsa walked him in and asked with a smile, "When will Janie arrive?"

"She will arrive at noon. Let's have lunch together when she arrives. It's my treat." Mr. Maurice seemed to be very happy and seemed to be very satisfied with Jane.

When Elsa went to the kitchen to get some water, Mr. Maurice followed her with a smile. Soren walked up to him, pointed at the sofa and said, "Sit over there. Don't you think you are an outsider?"

Mr. Maurice blushed with embarrassment. "Boss, I'm already thirty-five. It's not easy to find someone I like."

"Like? Well, but you don't need to follow your sister in law all the time." Soren asked in reply, "Besides, who do you like? You meet one hundred girls a year. Can you like them all?"

"It's different. I really like this one!" Mr. Maurice took out his phone, on which there was a photo of Janie. It was not clear. In the halo of light, Janie looked very beautiful with a smile. Elsa was pouring a cup of tea and taking it out. When she saw his photo, she couldn't help asking, "Have you met each other?"

"Yes, no, no..." Mr. Maurice was a capable assistant to Soren. But when he talked about this kind of things, he couldn't speak fluently. "Well. I have seen her, but she has never seen me."

Elsa was even more confused. She smiled and said, "I don't understand. Did you act like a paparazzo and go to take pictures?"

"It's... Well, didn't boss's leg get injured last time? I came to see him several times, and I met her two times. In fact, I had a crush on her at that time, but when I saw that she had a child beside her, I thought she had a family, so I lost this idea. I didn't expect that she was single with her child. That's why I had the idea as soon as boss called me that night. That's exactly what I meant. I've practiced looking at these photos for several days. I feel that the happiness of my life is all on this girl." Mr. Maurice scratched his head with embarrassment.

Elsa was a little surprised to hear that, but she was really happy for Jane. She smiled and said, "Since that's the case, let's seize her later. I believe that our efforts will not be wa

ogether by force."

Elsa nodded slightly. Suddenly, she looked up at his black eyes and said with a smile, "Well, I believe in your words."

Soren also smiled. Thinking of the things that the two of them had experienced, big or small, to come to this point, thinking carefully, they did have put a lot of patience and energy, and also obtained a lot of happiness from each other's love.

As Elsa spoke, she went to prepare something for Jane to take home. She was going to use the big jar. She turned around and said, "Ren, help me move this on the table."

Soren smiled, rolled up his sleeves and helped her move it up. "What's so heavy?"

"Some time ago, grandma and grandpa collected a lot of grapes and brought me a lot. The grapes can't be kept for a long time. I can't eat so much, so I made it into wine in such a big jar. Grandma and mom drank it a few days ago and both said it was delicious. I'm going to ask Jane to bring some home." As Elsa spoke, she opened the sealed jar. The smell of alcohol permeated in the air.

Soren looked at her admiringly, saying "Elsa, you're awesome. It smells so good."

Feeling embarrassed, Elsa smiled and said, "No, it doesn't need any technology at all. You just need to put a layer of sugar and a layer of grapes in order, and they will be fermented for a few days before drinking."

"Let me have a taste." Soren filled a cup with a spoon and tasted it. It tasted mellow and tasted better than the expensive ones bought outside. He couldn't help drinking more.

Elsa grabbed his cup and said with a smile, "It has a high alcohol content. Are you sure you want to drink more?"

"Don't worry. I won't hit my wife when I'm drunk," Soren joked.

While they were talking, Mr. Maurice suddenly pushed the kitchen door open. He was so anxious that he was about to cry with sweat all over his face. "Boss, sister-in-law, I... I haven't said a word for such a long time. Janie's face darkened and she was about to leave. What should I do? Help me!"

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