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   Chapter 167 I Like Her So Much

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Seeing that Elsa picked it up, Winona showed a loving smile and said to Elsa, "Look, this is what Ren looked like when he was a child. He was very handsome, wasn't he? When I first saw him, I liked him very much. At that time, I really wanted to hug my dear grandson."

Thinking of that time, Winona wore a wrinkled smile on her face. She didn't know if Soren still remembered it or not. Anyway, she still remembered that when she went to hug Soren, he was only a three year old child. He stood quietly with a cunning smile. When she went over, he ran faster than a rabbit. She missed his hug and fell hard. Because of this, Fred almost hit Soren. It was the first time that Soren came back and saw his father, and they had a bad impression on each other.

Winona was so scared that she didn't dare to show her love to him easily. She was afraid that it would make her son and grandson unhappy.

Winona held the photo and stroked the child's face with indescribable love.

Soren sat beside the old woman slowly. Although he didn't say anything, his action showed a lot of meaning. Winona was very happy, but she suddenly burst into tears. She held Soren's hand and said, "Ren, I..."

"Grandma, Ren understands your kindness," said Elsa softly, putting her hand on Soren's finger.

"Ren was so handsome when he was a child. When Susie brought him here, he was eloquent and lovable. As soon as Susie left, he became very silent. No matter what the adult said, he did not like to speak. It was his father who scared him. When we saw that he didn't say anything, we were very worried. It happened that the boy from the Qiao family was a few years older. When he heard that there was a child at home, he came over to play. He gave him this toy and the machine gun and Ren was very happy, but he still didn't like to talk. We asked him to take a family photo, but he refused." As Winona said, she pouted lovingly, "His stubborn temper is really the same as that of men from the Wang family."

At this moment, Soren finally spoke, "Grandma, didn't you say that I didn't want to take photos? Didn't you take this photo the first time I came here?"

Winona was stunned by his words. It seemed that what she said for Fred just now was also not true. After thinking for a while, she patted her head and said, "I remember it. It's like this. Don't refuse to listen to me."

"Just say it. I've heard a lot. It doesn't matter," said Soren.

"Speaking of this photo, I have to mention the baby in this photo. As you know, after your father couldn't make your stepmother pregnant, your stepmother had the idea of adopting a child. Didn't she transfer back to work later? She was in the hospital. At that time, someone had a child and didn't want it. She left it in the bathroom. She found it and thought it was fate. She wanted to adopt this child who had lost his parents, so she took him back home. At that ti

s this little concern could become a trace of warmth in his heart.

Soren also stretched out his hands and held her in his arms. It was true that bad things happened in one's life and it was hard to let outsiders understand. Sometimes it was not that he didn't want to say, but even in the face of the closest people, he couldn't describe the most complicated feelings in his heart with words.

Such silent comfort was what he needed most at the moment.

They hugged each other for a long time before they released each other. They snuggled into the car and slowly drove back home.

Neither of them spoke, but the silence didn't make the atmosphere more awkward. On the contrary, they had a tacit understanding, so it didn't matter whether they spoke or not.

They kept silent since they knew each other's feelings and love for each other. After taking a shower, they lay in the quilt and snuggled up to each other. Like a child, Soren buried his head in her thin shoulder to find a familiar feeling. Then he slowly calmed down from tonight's emotional turmoil and fell asleep.

This was the first time that Soren got up late than Elsa. He had always been self-discipline and he missed the time to get up for the first time. When he woke up, he found that Elsa had made coffee and milk. The air was filled with the smell of beef pie.

Soren loved eating meat so much that he had to eat it every meal. In the early morning, Elsa got up early and bought it back. She had planned to let him sleep a little longer, but she didn't expect that he would stand up as soon as he smelled the fragrance. He wore casual trousers and a camouflage T-shirt, looking handsome and somewhat serious. Elsa looked at him with a smile, "Ren, good morning."

"Good morning." He walked over. The sun was shining brightly in the room. Her hair was coated with a faint halo in the back light. Her sweet smile made him feel better. "What did you buy?"

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