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   Chapter 162 I believe you

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She didn't know why she had a stomachache suddenly. She didn't want Soren to worry about her, so she didn't tell him. In the evening, when she took a shower, she couldn't help but vomit violently with the help of the toilet. Soren was sitting in the living room and reading newspaper. Hearing the noise, he rushed over, but Elsa had finished vomiting.

"Are you okay, Elsa?" He was worried about her.

"I'm okay. I just found that I didn't brush my teeth when I took a shower, so I was in a hurry to brush my teeth." Elsa didn't want him to worry about her.

Soren doubted, "really?"

"Yes. I won't lie to you. " Elsa looked straight into his eyes.

Soren rubbed her nose and said, "I believe you."

Elsa walked out and said with a smile, "I want to ask you something."

"What is it?" Holding her in his arms, Soren raised her long hair and held it in his hand. He was a little absent-minded about her question.

"A few days ago, when you were not at home, I went to Mrs. Sophia's house to grab food. Mrs. Sophia said that Janie had been on blind dates for several times, but she didn't find the right person. She asked us to introduce some persons to her. At that time, Jane also presented. She had talked to me seriously. She... " Thinking of this, Elsa couldn't mention Ron, so she changed her words, "she said that she once had an unforgettable love, but the real life always has to pass, and people have to look forward. So she was willing to find a suitable person to live life together. Mrs. Sophia and she both said that if we have a suitable person and someone we trust, we can introduce him to her. "

Soren asked softly, "where is little Bun's father?"

"Little Bun's father is a man with his own family and lover. I thought that they would have a chance before, but the reality is cruel. It seems that they are really doomed. " No matter how unreasonable the Chloe was, Ron took good care of her and loved her. Now, Elsa didn't dare to hold any hope for the relationship between Ron and Jane. Jane is a good girl. She deserves a sincere love and a stable family life.

"Do you want to say that Maurice is the right person?" Soren thought for a while and smiled.

Elsa thought for a while and said, "I'm just a little worried about little Bun. I'm afraid that any man who be his father will be unfavorable to his growth. And Mr. Maurice is always a good man. Besides, he asked us to help him Anyway, let's talk about it later. It depends on their own fate. That's just my suggestion. You think if it works or not. "

"I think it's good." Soren picked up his phone and said, "I'll call him."

As soon as the phone was connected, Maurice answered it right away. Soren told him the situation of Jane on the phone. At the other end of the phone, Mr. Maurice smiled and said, "Okay, okay. When can I ask her out?"

"I'll give you her phone numbers. You try to talk with eac

wspaper. She had always been grateful to him.

Yates smiled and said, "well, how dare I borrow someone from Mr. Meng. We have a lot of things to deal with recently, and we need some persons, so we want to borrow a capable person. "

"I see." Elsa nodded, "have you chosen the right person?"

Johnny interrupted her with a smile, "Elsa, now Mr. Chen come here as the leader of the cultural department, not the editor in chief of our newspaper? Mr. Chen, I'm sorry that the younger generation are not good at talking. "

Yates shook his head and said, "I brought up Elsa with my own hands. She has been with me for several years and called me editor in chief. I feel comfortable listening to her."

In fact, Johnny knew this. He pretended to hear it for the first time and pretended to be surprised. "Really? It turns out that Mr. Chen is still the superior leader of Elsa. It's really fate. "

"When I was transferred to the cultural department, I was supposed to take Elsa away. But Elsa didn't agree. She has her own ideas. Hahaha, now it seems that it's not bad to stay. Being alone is suitable for her. " Yates smiled.

"If I hadn't been with you before, I wouldn't have been able to deal with my work so soon." Elsa said modestly. Seeing that it was Yates and Johnny who were discussing, she was about to come back later, Yates suddenly remembered something and said to Johnny, "Mr. Meng, I'll tell you the truth. We've been discussing the candidates for a long time just now. Now that I see Elsa, I'd like to let her go. You must not grudge. Anyway, it's only three months. I'll send her here as usual. "

Johnny was a little embarrassed. "Mr. Chen wanted someone to help, we had no reason to refuse. If Mr. Chen didn't need me, I would like to help you in person. But Mr. Chen, Elsa is the most popular reporter in here now. If you take her away, won't the front page of Linchuan Daily be free tomorrow morning? "

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