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   Chapter 161 disturb us in the evening

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"Goodbye, vice general editor-in-chief." Facing this kind elder, Elsa nodded again sincerely.

As soon as they got the documents, Ron heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "let's have dinner together tonight."

"Don't disturb us in the afternoon and in the evening." Soren smiled.

"Okay, okay. It's all my fault. Next time, please call me when you feel that you are not disturbed. " Ron laughed loudly.

When they went downstairs, Soren received a call. It seemed that there was something important about his family. He stood far away and talked with a serious look for a long time. Standing next to him, Elsa chatted with Ron from time to time. While they were talking, the figure of Chloe appeared. She angrily said to Ron, "good for you, Ron. Didn't you say that you were dealing with works? Why are you here? Do you know what is called 'friend's wife cannot be bullied'? "

She turned around and said to Elsa angrily, "do you know what is moral and shameless?"

Hearing what she said, Ron was very angry. Chloe wanted to go forward and take Elsa's hand, asking Elsa had to make it clear to her. Ron went up to grab her hand and said, "Chloe, It's enough!"

"It's not enough! You have seen this woman several times these days. What are you doing now? Tell me! You defend her so much. Tell me, do you have a clear conscience? "

"Bang!" a slap fell on Chloe's face. Chloe covered her face in disbelief. "Ron, you hit me! How dare you hit me for this woman! "

When everyone was in a mess and Soren was talking on the phone in the distance, the door of Ron's car was opened. Someone replaced the documents that Ron had just gotten from Joshua with the documents in her hands. Elsa sensed that something was wrong. She looked at Ron's car, but saw nothing. She thought it was her illusion, so she didn't care. Ron had a big quarrel with Chloe. Elsa turned around and wanted to stop them, but she could do nothing.

Just then, Soren came over after the phone call. "Ren, they are having a fight. Go and persuade them."

Soren strode forward. Chloe was a little confused when she saw Soren. She controlled Ron very strictly, and was also a jealous altar. As long as there was a slightest movement around Ron, she could not bear it. Today, she thought that she had something on Elsa and Ron, but she didn't expect that they would appear together because Soren was present. She was overwhelmed by jealousy. It was the first time that she had been slapped by Ron. Now that she saw Soren, she couldn't find any steps, so she took the opportunity to lose her temper. "And you, Soren, you ungrateful guy. My parents used to be so good to you! You are such a heartbreaker. If anything happens to Norah, I won't let you go! "

Ron was annoyed. "Chloe. What else do you want to do? You have messed

estroy his life directly. But there were some things that would not cause trouble if they were not deliberately done. Soren thought that it was because he still took a fancy to this friendship, and cared about the friendship between his parents and ancestors, so he solemnly talked to Adam, asked him transferred Norah back to work.

That night when he came back home, he was exhausted. It was the light in his house that was left by Elsa. Her greeting and consideration swept away all these fatigue and trouble.

Elsa listened quietly. She held his right hand and called his name softly, "Ren."

"Don't worry. Norah is all right. My leader scolded me severely and said that I didn't consider the consequences when I did something." Soren felt helpless.

Elsa said in a soft voice, "you always do for others but not for yourself. Someone will misunderstand you if they doesn't understand your kindness, but believe in Norah."

"I hope she can understand early." Soren smiled, "the leader said that because he hope me better. When he doesn't curse, he will be angrier. Maybe he just whipped. "

"Have you been beaten?" Elsa smiled.

"So far, it has not been officially beaten. Because I have always been obedient. " Soren said with a childish smile.

Elsa thought for a while and said with a smile, "so he has been beaten up in an informal way?"

Pretending to be angry, Soren said, "don't hit me in the face. Don't scold me."

He pretended to be angry and Elsa laughed. They went back home together. Elsa cooked rice. Soren boiled the beef and ingredients she bought that night, and fried the vegetables taken back from the grandmother. Soon, a delicious and nutritious dinner was ready.

Elsa felt a little uncomfortable the whole afternoon, so she didn't dare to ask for more beef at night. She just picked some accessories in the beef and ate a little.

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