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   Chapter 160 psychological hints

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"Let me have a try." Elsa smiled and said, "just like little Bun doesn't like vegetables before. He only likes meat. He also can change it."

"But you are different from little Bun..." Soren held her hand and said in a caring voice.

"I'll start to eat beef. You like beef. It must be the most delicious. And you often say that the beef is dried in the wind under the eaves. There is a special smell in it. It must be delicious and I will love it very much. " Instead of telling Soren, she gave herself more psychological hints in her heart. She picked up a small piece beef and put it into her mouth. But she couldn't adapt to the taste, so she closed her eyes and swallowed it.

Then she drank a lot of herbal tea. Seeing that she was crying, Soren was really reluctant. "Well, eat one piece at this time is enough. You don't force yourself to eat more."

"Okay." Elsa nodded and said, "You eat. It won't taste good if it gets cold."

She wanted to suppress the impulse to vomit and constantly gave herself psychological hints. Finally, it was better.

In this way, she ate three pieces of beef this noon, but she also drank three bottles of herbal tea.

In the afternoon, they wanted to go to the hospital for a pre pregnancy check-up. Unexpectedly, when they were about to get on the car, Ron called Soren, saying that he wanted to talk about the matter of the Anlan Company mentioned by Elsa last time. Hearing what Soren said, Elsa said, "well, let's go to see Ron first. We can come to the hospital for physical examination at any time. "

They waited for Ron in a cafe. Ron was dressed in casual clothes and looked very handsome and approachable. For a moment, Elsa was a little absent-minded. He was a man worth being loved by Janie. It was just that fate made them miss each other.

After sitting down, Ron ordered coffee for Soren and Elsa and said with a smile, "I'm really sorry to ask you out on weekend."

"If you are really embarrassed, you shouldn't have called me. You're already here. Why do you say that? Do you think I should go back now? " Soren confronted him with a smile.

Ron didn't want to show his weakness. "If you want to leave, you have to pay for your coffee first. I only invite sister-in-law."

"Then I'm really leaving." Soren was about to stand up.

"Sir, Miss, here is your coffee. Enjoy yourself. " A waiter came with the coffee and handed them to Soren and Elsa.

After making a joke and the waiter left, Ron explained his purpose, "last time, Cindy slandered me on the newspaper. It was indeed someone behind who asked her to do this. First, Ren saw Johnny and the people from the Anlan Company appear together. In fact, we suspect that Johnny was involved in this matter, but he hid himself deeply and it has nothing to do with me for the time being, so let's not talk about him. "

Soren took a look at Elsa and said, "it was the time when I went with you to pick up Tina. The person who go with Johnny was from the Anlan Company."


materials today. " Joshua stood up and took out a big file bag from his room.

He walked out and handed it to Ron. Then he said, "since you are the friend of Elsa, I trust you. I'm sorry. I refused you before because I was afraid that it would cause more trouble. "

"Thank you so much," Ron took it seriously.

Without saying anything more, Joshua escorted them to the door after they finished their things. Joshua stopped Elsa and said, "Elsa, I have something to say to you."

Elsa stopped and said, "vice general editor-in-chief, please."

"Elsa, have you settled the matter of your novel?" Joshua asked.

"Everything is settled. vice general editor-in-chief, did you send me that express? " Elsa understood at once.

Joshua sighed, "after all, I have some connections. I can do such a thing. I know you are a honest person. You won't rely on your husband's family to seek benefits for yourself. That's why I helped you. "

Elsa didn't expect that the vice general editor-in-chief would still help her at this time. She was full of gratitude. "vice general editor-in-chief, I..."

"Elsa, I have always tried my best to protect and teach talented and capable young people in the newspaper. Because I always think of my own children when I see these children. I also hope that my children can work in the company and get such good leaders. For you, I am the same. It's my greatest guilt to misunderstand you and the president. I shouldn't have guessed you which would bring you and your family trouble with such a heart. " Joshua said slowly.

Elsa felt a lot of guilt. She was indeed a little angry about this matter, but she didn't expect that vice general editor-in-chief was not better than her. She quickly said, "vice general editor-in-chief, this matter is not a big deal. Now the past has passed. Stay at home and have a good rest. Don't think too much about anything else. "

"Go ahead. Good guys, work hard. The future belongs to you. " Joshua waved his hand and said.

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