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   Chapter 157 It's Like Sailing Against the Current; If You Don't Advance, You Will Retreat

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 9864

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In fact, she just didn't want to have more contact with Johnny. If she became the vice chief editor, she would inevitably have more contact with Johnny. Of course, Elsa couldn't explain this reason to others. She smiled and said, "Congratulations, Mr. Todd."

"Why should I be congratulated? It's so busy here in the society pages. I'd rather go back to the military pages." Todd complained.

With a smile on her face, Elsa said, "Abler people do more work."

"In the past, I envied this position for a long time. Now that I have taken it, I am eager to return as soon as possible. However, it's like sailing against the current; if you don't advance, you will retreat. As I have taken a step forward, I will never be able to go back." Todd said emotionally.

After chatting with him for a while, Elsa walked out of the door.

She went to the market and bought some food. This time, she was determined to cook beef poached with chili oil. She didn't like meat, so she seldom cooked these. She was afraid that she would fail, so all the materials she bought were double, in case there's still room to remedy.

While she was reading through the recipe, she carefully made the dish step by step. In the midst of the smoke and fire, the finished plate was finally placed on the table. The pot of beef looked good, so she picked up a pair of chopsticks, bit her teeth and tasted it. The taste had just entered her nose, and she wanted to vomit.

But she really wanted to know whether this dish was delicious or not, and whether it was to Soren's taste, so she finally took a bite.

But she didn't eat a single bite, because the salty taste had covered the taste of meat, and it was a little bitter. After thinking for a long time, she had to pour the dish that she had been busy cooking for an hour. She didn't have the confidence to cook again, so she went downstairs to pack up a beef poached with chili oil and steamed pork in lotus leaves. After putting rice in the cooking machine, she went to the study to work.

Recently, her work was relatively easier than before. Mark said on the Internet that he hoped she could write more similar novels when she was free. At present, the online novel was quite popular. After a period of time, the sales effect of the published version began to show, and it could be seen whether the novel was popular or not.

Elsa also liked to write novels. She was introverted in life, and many emotions were hidden in her heart. So she wrote a variety of sensitive emotions into the novels. It was not only a hobby, but also a way to express her emotions. If she didn't write a novel, Elsa really couldn't find any other good way to dispel the excessive emotions in her heart.

She sat in the study for several hours. It was already eleven o'clock, but Soren hadn't come back yet. In the evening, he had to drive back from so far. Elsa was worried about him. She opened the curtain and looked outside. The co

oren didn't close the door of the bathroom. He lay in the bathtub and closed his eyes for a while. Now he had recovered his strength and energy, and was lifting water and patting on his strong arm.

Elsa was a little anxious and reached out to touch him in the bathtub. She just wanted to confirm whether he was injured or not. She was afraid that he didn't let her know that he was injured to avoid her worry. "Come in, Soren," said Soren in a hoarse voice.

He reached out to take her into the bathtub. "Ren, stand up. Let me have a look." Elsa was very anxious.

"Yes, my dear wife." The water splashed. He stood up from the bathtub and stood in front of Elsa. His strong waist and abdomen made him a perfect model figure. His legs were strong, long and straight, and there was an indescribable strength in every part of his body. He was like a perfect Greek sculpture standing in front of Elsa.

But that was not what Elsa was looking at. She just wanted to know if he was injured or not.

After looking at the front, she said, "Let me look at your back."

Soren obediently turned around and showed her back, which was also perfect without any fat.

When Elsa finished checking, she found that except for the old scars on his back and the new scars on his thigh last time, there were indeed no injuries. She was relieved to see that his skin was intact everywhere. But at that moment, she blushed.

"I've finished checking. I'm glad that you're fine. I'll wait for you outside." After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

But she was caught firmly by a big hand. Knowing that she had seen his clothes and was worried about him, there was a hint of hidden smile and joy of being loved in Soren's voice. "But I want you to check more. What should I do?"

"I..." Elsa was led around by him. When she was in a hurry just now, she didn't feel it at all. At this time, her heart beat so fast that she couldn't speak clearly. "I..."

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