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   Chapter 155 sticking to him

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After bid farewell to Jason, she went back to the company to sort out the materials and write the draft. On the way, he received a call. A woman's voice asked politely on the phone, "is that Miss Xia, Miss Xia? We are the personnel department of Linchuan Morning News. We want to invite you to an interview. Don't you have found a job?"

"I've found. I can't take part in the interview. Thank you for your call. " Elsa said politely and hung up the phone.

Since Johnny worked in Linchuan Daily and gradually gained a firm work situation, she had been thinking of quitting, but she had never found a suitable opportunity. Especially after what happened to the Qin Company and Cindy recently, Elsa's desire to go away was reborn.

But she attended an interview a few days ago, and the interviewer was very satisfied with her qualifications and ability. Later, during the discussion, the salary was very good, and the promotion space and freedom of work were also very high. At first, she wanted to come back to discuss with Soren and was about to go to work. But when she was about to leave, the words of the interviewer and the editor in chief made her hesitate.

They smiled at the same time and said, "say hello to Mr. Mo and Mr. Wang for us."

Such a situation made her worried that it would be difficult to balance the relationship between the family and the boss in the future. Soren's connections were of great use, and she knew little about politics. She didn't want to bring trouble to his family because of her carelessness.

After weighing the pros and cons, she finally declined the job of the last newspaper.

The resignation was put aside temporarily. This time when she received the phone call, she didn't think too much. For the time being, she could only take it step by step.

After work, Elsa packed up her stuff and walked out of the office. She was surprised to see Cindy. But then she realized that Dave had some connections. It was not strange that Cindy could come out in advance because she had committed a lot of crimes.

Due to the incident of Cindy, the newspaper office was reorganized every day. The daily attendance assessment and work assessment were dozens of times harsher than before. Many colleagues were more dissatisfied with Cindy. It was time to get off work. When they saw Cindy appear in the newspaper office, they would say anything.

"Look, it's that woman who has lost the job of herself and her powerful father!"

"It must be a jinx. What does she look like! Wasn't she very arrogant before? To tell you the truth, I didn't have enough draft before, and I had to be forced to post it to her every month! Fortunately, God had the eye to take this disaster, hee hee. Anyway, let's go out for dinner. It's my treat! "

Cindy looked haggard and gloomy. Elsa sighed in her heart. According to Cindy's family background, if she worked harder, it would be a smooth journey for her. Why did she end up like this.


t I should do."

"Okay, then I won't say thank you anymore. It seems that I'm not familiar with Ren now." Ron laughed loudly.

Elsa pursed her lips and said, "yes. Ren always said that it was best to be more relaxed among friends. You are a friend of Ren. If you don't mind, I will also treat you as a friend. "

"That's exactly what I want." Ron said with a smile, "by the way, our company has held a tour of S country in Transformers. We have several tickets. Do you have friends who like it? If they like it, you can give it to your friend as a gift to help me make the activity attractive. "

"Okay. Speaking of which, I might come here for an interview. " Taking the ticket, Elsa suddenly remembered that little Bun was a super fan of the Transformers. She said, "I really know a friend who likes it, but I can't bring him here without permission."

Ron asked, "is it little Bun? I'm also worried that if I give him the ticket directly, Jane won't agree to come. Can't you bring him here as you like? "

Did he really give her these tickets just for little Bun? Elsa couldn't bear it, but she couldn't think of a better way. "Taking a child out is of great importance, and it must be approved by the parents. Ron, you and little Bun... What do you think? "

"I don't think so. I'm old enough to talk to a child. Even I myself feel strange. Perhaps it was because being an adult was too tired that I had to consider a lot of things every day. When I saw him, I felt like I was a child, carefree and unrestrained. Others maybe don't believe me. I like that child very much because of this. But I have no relation with him. I always go to play with other people's children. I'm afraid that Jane will be angry, so I asked you to send the ticket to little Bun. "

The heavy feeling in her heart made her very uncomfortable. She almost blurted out the secret. It took her a long time to calm down. "Ron, do you know Jane for a long time? Are you friends or classmates? "

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