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   Chapter 154 such a warm feeling

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Soren's heart was filled with such a warm feeling.

When he opened the door, Soren was stunned. The room was more lively than the time when he left. On the TV cabinet of the living room, there were pictures of him and Elsa, as well as the picture of family. There were potted plants and some ornaments in other places, which were full of the fresh smell of home.

The more things she did in this house, the more harmonious the family became.

He looked down at her and she felt a little embarrassed. She took off her shoes and walked inside. Soren followed her, held her waist from behind, pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

"Zaza!" He called her name in a charming voice

During the short two days' holiday, they went to visit their grandparents. Then they lazily nestled in the room and didn't go anywhere. They enjoyed the intimate time that only belonged to them.

When Elsa went to work, Ivy came to deliver a letter to Elsa. Seeing Elsa, she couldn't help asking, "Elsa, tell me honestly, what skin care products have you used recently?"

"Child cream." Elsa said honestly.

"Don't try to hide it. What is it?" Ivy didn't believe her words.

Elsa felt strange and smile "Why should I lie to you? I have always used child cream. If you want it, I'll give you a bottle. "

"Okay, I'll give it a try. Try to look as good as you. " Ivy said happily. Elsa's skin was getting better and better recently, and her complexion was also very good. It was difficult not to attract attention.

Ivy giggled and gave a package to Elsa. "Elsa, I almost forget the package that I must gave you."

"Thank you, Ivy." Elsa took it over.

When she opened it, she didn't expect it to be like this. There was a thin piece of paper in it, on which the identity information and contact information of the person who stole the novel of Elsa and used it to sign a contract with Go Novel Web were written.

Who sent it?

Elsa checked the e-mail again and again, but couldn't figure out the information. There was neither the address of the sender nor any information.

She had no choice but to put away the contents in it and planned to spare some time to see Mark.

While she was thinking, Mr. Jason's secretary called her and asked her to meet again for the interview. The Secretary smiled on the phone, "I'm really sorry, Miss. Xia. Mr. Jason was busy with the meeting some time ago, so he delayed the interview. Let's make an appointment this time. "

"Okay. Please set a time. " Elsa nodded.

The Secretary had set the time. Without any hesitation, she drove to the municipal government. This time, she saw Mr. Jason directly.

After the last meeting, this interview was much easier. While

aspar walked out and saw that Elsa was standing outside and looking at the passers-by idly. He stopped and looked at her from behind. After a long time, the time seemed to stop. Feeling someone was looking at her, Elsa quickly turned around and almost looked at Caspar. She quickly closed her eyes and didn't want to meet Caspar face to face.

But this time, Caspar didn't tease Elsa as usual. It withdrew its sight uncomfortably and walked towards with his typical dissolute steps.

This was the best result for Elsa. She opened the door of the restaurant and walked to the seat just now. Jason's face darkened, without his volubility and kindness. Elsa knew that he had worried a lot about his son, so she didn't mind his changing attitude. She quickly finished the meal and said, "Mr. Jason, I won't disturb you. Thank you for taking time to cooperate with my work, and thank you for your lunch."

"It doesn't matter. If you need any materials in the process of writing, just call my secretary. " Said Jason.

"Okay, I will." Elsa nodded.

Jason looked at her kindly, "you are a hard-working child. Work harder."

With Mr. Jason's encouragement, Elsa was a little surprised. She nodded and said, "thank you."

"Think more about happy things in your life and live a good life with Ren." Jason reminded her again.

This was too kind. Elsa couldn't help laughing. "Mr. Jason, are you so kind to every reporters who interview you?"

Jason was stunned and laughed, "journalists are also serving the society. I respect you and encourage you. What do you think, Elsa?"

"Mr. Jason, I really admire you." Said Elsa, and felt moved. When she collected the materials, she knew that Jason had done a lot of good things for all the people in Linchuan City in his career. She believed the words that he said.

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