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   Chapter 153 Being Polite Makes Us Distant

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10312

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Noticing his gaze, Elsa turned to Soren and asked, "Is it delicious?"

"It's so delicious. I have never eaten such delicious moon cakes before." Soren said seriously. He finished one in a few bites and went to get another one.

With a happy expression on her face, Elsa looked down and opened one for him. "I ordered it outside. Those for the elders haven been specially customized for them, and these for you are the same."

"Thank you, Elsa."

"It's you who said that there is no need to be so polite between a couple. Being polite makes us distant." After saying that, Elsa felt a little embarrassed and looked up at the moon in the sky. "Because this is what I should do."

"Yes, my dear wife." Soren made a standard salute.

Seeing that, Elsa couldn't help laughing. She stretched out her finger and said, "Ren, look, the moon is so beautiful."

"Don't point at the moon in the sky. When I was a child, Grandma said that the moon was a machete and would cut your ears if you point it..." Soren held Elsa's fingers.

"Really?" Elsa asked in confusion.

"That's true. If you don't believe me, your ears will be cut off tomorrow morning!" Soren pretended to be serious.

"Had you pointed to it when you were a child?"


"Then what about your ears? Let me touch your ears!" Elsa reached out her hand and touched his ears. She couldn't stop laughing. "Liar! Your ears are here!"

Then Soren sealed her lips with a kiss. His slightly cold thin lips covered her red lips.

'May we all be blessed with longevity. Though far apart, we can still be able to share the beauty of the moon together.'

It was already late when Elsa got up in the morning. Soren still had to do his daily exercise.

After breakfast, it was rare for Elsa to have such a leisure time. She found a book from his bookshelf and sat by the window to read it carefully. It was a book she had read several times, so she opened it from the middle then began to read. When she turned to one page, she found a very small photo, in which a child of three or four years old was with a baby. It seemed that the photo was not deliberately saved, and some parts of it had been worn out, so it looked a little old and yellow.

Judging from the symbolic corner of his mouth, it was probably a photo of Soren and his friend when he was a child, but the back of the photo was not like the photos in his family, which had the time and event clearly written. She didn't pay much attention to it, put the photo on that page and continued to read through the book.

She kept reading until noon.

When Soren came back, he saw that Elsa was sitting in front of the window, surrounded by a warm halo. Her indescribable beauty made his heart beat slightly.

He walked up to her. Just then, Elsa raised her head and said, "Ren, you're back."

"Yes. Did you sleep well?" Soren stretched out to let her stand up and bent over to hug her. He looked at the book she was reading and smiled.

He smelled of sweat all over his body, but it was not unpleasant. A faint masculine smell penetrated the tip of

closing, Elsa turned around and asked.

Thinking of that a lot of colleagues came to ask him how he was so lucky to marry a girl from the art troupe, Soren smiled. "A girl from the art troupe" meant a beautiful and talented girl in the soldiers' eyes. That's because of the song which Elsa sang last night. Soren smiled and said, "He failed on the blind date last time. So he wants you to introduce him a girl."

"Well, I have never introduced anyone to a blind date. Let me think about it. The young ones are too young, and the older ones are married now. There is no suitable girl around me for him." Frowning, Elsa thought.

Seeing that she was serious, Soren said, "Others are fine. He's here to make a fuss. Just ignore him."

"He's already thirty-six years old. He really has to hurry up." Elsa felt sympathetic for him. If Soren would be forced to go on a blind date by the elders at such a young age, then Mr. Maurice should be really anxious. "Let me help him. I'll keep an eye on it. It's a pity to delay his personal happiness because he's busy with his career."

Soren smiled, "My mother has introduced him a lot these years, but he's so dull... It was really annoying. My mother doesn't want to talk to him anymore."

Remembering that Mr. Maurice couldn't speak a word to a girl, Elsa smiled and opened the dishes. There were not only vegetables, but also meat. It was not until now that she felt a little relieved. She filled a bowl of rice and handed it to Soren, "Ren, let's have lunch."

Although the two of them didn't have much time alone, this festival was full and meaningful. When they went back, Soren drove past the area where private cars were usually not allowed to pass. Then he realized that on that night, on that part of the road, Elsa walked alone. Knowing that she was not usually bold, he turned his head to look at her. She was seriously looking into the distance in the way he taught her. When she saw birds occasionally fly across the sky in the suburb, she would look in the direction of the bird, far away.

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