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   Chapter 152 You Haven't Seen Me Yet

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"But you haven't seen me yet. How can you go back now?" "Get in the car with me," said Soren reproachfully, grabbing her hand.

Soren almost grabbed Elsa into the car. He turned around, walked into the driver's seat and drove away.

"Aren't you busy now? I'm afraid that it will delay your work." Said Elsa in a hurry.

"I just need to do some activities with the soldiers to ease their emotions of missing their hometown and avoid any disturbance. It's just some regular activities. I am busy, but it's not inconvenient." Soren smiled, "If I hadn't called you in secret and brought the phone with me, I would have missed you. I wanted you to come with me, but I didn't ask you to come because I thought you had something to do and there were elders at home. Since you're here tonight, you can't just leave."

"Ren, isn't it appropriate for me to show up in front of everyone like this? Other people are far away from their hometown. It's inevitable that they miss their families very much, but we appear in pairs..."

That was why Elsa decided to leave after answering Soren's phone call.

Soren couldn't help laughing, "That's what girls think. Men don't think in this way. Let's go. There are several colleagues with their wives and children here. We had normal exercise during the daytime these days. And the activities are for the soldiers to relax in the vacation at night."

It was not until then that Elsa felt at ease. She held the moon cake in her hand and said, "This is specially brought for you."

"I'll eat it later." Soren smiled.

Soon they arrived at the destination. Elsa had been here before, and it was a special training place for the army. At this moment, it was full of soldiers. They were divided into different teams, holding activities in heaps. Some teams were singing in unison, some were performing, and some were just joking and eating moon cakes. Following Soren, Elsa felt a little relieved when she saw other high-leveled officers with their families. She was afraid that she would cause him trouble.

After greeting, Soren and Elsa were surrounded by a group of people. They chatted with the soldiers and took part in the activities together. In the daytime, Soren had to join different teams to accompany and exercise. During this period of time, all the officials had to do something similar for consolation.

Although this kind of work looked easy, it was actually very hard. When they were in different teams and had to attend different activities, they had to be in harmony with the soldiers. Soren and Elsa were with other officials, followed by a group of subordinates. The two of them held hands, but they didn't find a chance to speak with each other.

Besides, it was very noisy, so everyone spoke loudly.

When the work was done, even Soren was a little tired, let alone Elsa. Because it was a festival, they didn't go to bed until an hour later than the army's usual bedtime. Although it was late, everyone was still very joyful. When they almost went to all the places they should go,

en officials who came to console them rang out. Mr. Maurice's hands were even red. The performance of putting down her identity motivated everyone's enthusiasm. Because of this, everyone in the ward was even more excited and began to chat loudly again.

After exhorting Mr. Maurice for a while, Soren left with Elsa.

He had to go out to see the medical staff on duty. The smile on Soren's face became wider and wider. He said in a low voice, "It sounds good."

Elsa pursed her lips, feeling a little hot on her face.

It was almost two o'clock when he finished his work and went back. The army base had been quiet for a long time. Only the faint sound of birds singing and insects could be heard from afar, which made the quiet night more intense.

Elsa opened the window and looked at the moon in the sky with a smile on her face. After taking a shower, Soren hugged her from behind and said with a smile, "I've never heard you sing before. It's my loss."

"I'm not good at singing. If I had known that I would come across such an occasion, I should have learned one or two songs that everyone likes to listen." Turning around, Elsa looked into Soren's dark eyes and said shyly, "But my voice may not be as strong as those songs."

Soren didn't expect her to be so out-going in front of everyone. He knew that it took a lot of courage to make her act in public. He lowered his head and kissed her lips lovingly.

"By the way, I brought you some moon cakes. Have some." Elsa took some moon cakes in her hands. "I think you must be hungry after running all night."

"I'm really hungry." Soren patted his belly. In fact, he didn't like desserts, but they were brought by Elsa. How could he not love them?

He took one over and took a big bite while standing by the window and enjoying the moon with Elsa. To his surprise, it was a salty moon cake with beef stuffing. He turned around and saw the blush on Elsa's face. Looking at the thoughtful expression on her face, Soren knew that she must have missed her family.

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