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   Chapter 148 trust strangers

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When he finished his words, Jane couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She held him in her arms. Although she didn't like to cry, she was crying now.

Tears welled up in Elsa's eyes. Ron stepped forward and said awkwardly, "I'm really sorry for this. I shouldn't have taken the child out so casually. I had thought that it would be fine if I sent him back earlier, but I didn't expect such a thing to happen."

Without answering his question, Jane and little Bun stopped crying after a long time. She told little Bun, "You have to tell your teacher or mother when you leave school or home next time, okay? Don't trust strangers. Don't go with strangers. It's dangerous, okay? "

"Okay, mom. But Uncle Ron is not a stranger. I saw him last time... "

There was a wave in Jane's heart, but she didn't say anything. Little bun walked up to Elsa and apologized, "I'm sorry, auntie. I just..."

He hesitated for a moment. Elsa knew what he was going to say. He didn't tell her the truth just now because he was worried that everyone would worry about him because of this. She could not help but bend down and hug him.

Jane felt a little embarrassed when she lost her temper in front of everyone. She nodded slightly and went upstairs with the little Bun. Ron looked at their backs for a long time before he stepped forward.

Soren shook his head and said, "I had told you not to take other people's children out. If they are missing, they will be in a hurry."

"It's really my fault. I took little Bun with me because I saw that he was sensible, so I want to close him. " Ron suddenly turned to ask, "sister-in-law, is little Bun surnamed Liang?"

Elsa nodded, but she didn't dare to look into his eyes.

"His surname is Liang?" Ron kept asking, "what about his father?"

Elsa shook her head. "I don't know."

After thinking for a while, she raised her head and said seriously and firmly, "Ron, since you care about little Bun so much, why don't you ask Jane by yourself? As an outsider, I don't know too clearly about some things. Even if I know, I can't tell you something... "

Ron smiled with self-mockery, missing the meaning of her words. "I was just asking casually."

Since Elsa couldn't make any decision for her friend, she had to keep silent. After they got in the car, Soren said in a low voice, "it seems that Ron cares about Jane very much. He has asked about her several times."

"We are friends now. It's normal for him to care about her." Unable to tell the truth to Soren, she felt a little guilty and changed the topic, "let's go to bring fruits to grandparents. These fruits are fresh and better than those sold in the supermarket."

"Okay." Soren smiled.

When they arrived, the grandfather had fallen asleep because of the pain in his waist, while the grandmother and Donna were still watching TV. Grandma was very happy because of their filial piety. She kept Elsa and Soren having supper there before coming h

head and was stunned again. Dave had an accident, but there was no trace of sadness on Lily's face. Lily smiled sincerely. She didn't know if it was because of her good acting skill or her indifference. However, this was already a kind of gossip. With just a flash, Elsa didn't think too much.

"You can write the apology statement later. By the way, you have to hurry up with Mr. Jason's interview. " Lily said.

"Okay." Elsa replied. She turned around and went out, letting out a long breath.

Before Elsa could write an apology statement, the news had spread all over the place. The first call she received was from the grandmother. Grandma asked about the situation on the phone, and then Elsa explained the whole thing to her in detail. She was relieved and said, "we have watched Ron grow up. I told you that he would not do such a thing. We have been worried about him before, but he is so ambitious that he doesn't want to ask for help from other elders. We can't interfere directly. I want to ask you about it in usual times, but I'm afraid that it has something to do with your company and will affect your work. Now the truth comes out. Ron is finally innocent. We all feel relieved. "

"Grandma, don't worry. There is justice in the world. Good people will be treated as they deserve." Elsa said with a smile.

It was time for lunch break. The old lady talked a lot, so Elsa chatted with her for a while. On the other side, when Donna came to ask grandma to have dinner, grandma said "ouch", "I'm so nagging. I had said a lot. Elsa, you go to have lunch. "

"Yes. Grandma, I'll talk to you next time. " Elsa hung up the phone.

She didn't go to eat, but continued to write the draft. After finishing it, she read it all. When she read the last sentence, she couldn't help but read it again: the newspaper office failed to check the draft carefully, and the newspaper took inappropriate actions after the accident, which taught us a deep lesson.

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