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   Chapter 145 withdrawing this decision

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"Go ahead. I'll talk to grandma and mom later." Elsa nodded. Maybe they had something important to talk about recently.

She walked to the window with the fruit in her hand. The scene of the intense laughter just now was still vivid in her heart. Jumping for a while like this made her feel a little tired, but she also felt relaxed. Inadvertently looking downstairs, she saw Fred standing downstairs and looking upstairs. When Elsa looked at him, he happened to meet her eyes and made a gesture to her.

He had bought a gift for Susie, but he couldn't make the decision to go upstairs. He asked her to help him to give the gift to Susie.

When she arrived, Fred sighed and took back his decision.

"Dad." Elsa greeted him politely.

"How are Susie and Ren?" In a blink of an eye, they had not seen each other for a long time.

Elsa nodded and said, "everything is fine. What do you want me to do? "

Holding the box tightly in his hand, Fred said, "nothing. I haven't seen you for a long time. It's good to want to see you."

"Okay." Elsa looked up at the sky. Since September, there had been such a continuous drizzle. Fred's clothes had been wet. "Dad, how about sitting in the pavilion over there for a while?"

"No, thanks. You can go upstairs, in case that Ren can't find you which make he feel nervous. I'll leave soon. " Fred waved his hand. His serious face was covered with a thick layer of sadness.

He said but didn't leave. He sighed slightly and said, "this hotel has been here for many years."

He still remembered that at that time, Susie was only eighteen years old. The ball of adult etiquette was held here. He knew Susie at that time. At that time, coke cake was still a rare food. Even for the children who grew up in the villa on the top of the mountain, they were less seeing it. At Susie's birthday party, all these delicious and interesting food attracted the children in the villa on the top of the mountain. Since then, he had only seen Susie in his eyes.

He couldn't think too much. Fred clenched his fists tightly at the edge of his trousers, and a drop of rain fell from the corner of his eyes.

It was not good for her if she left quickly. After standing with him for a while, Fred waved his hand again, turned around and left without saying anything more. Under the small rain, his figure was lonely.

Feeling a little melancholy, she stood there for a while before turning around and entering the hotel.

Soren was looking for her. Seeing that there was some rain on her hair, he felt sorry for her and complained, "where did you go just now? you will get cold. "

"I think the cake will not come for a long time. I want to go downstairs and have a l

e knew that these people were not selling fruit here, but waiting for the guests. Soren nodded and walked in, "two."

Following Soren, Elsa walked into the house. It was a villager's mansion on the top of the mountain. The fruit trees at the edge of the mansion were separated by a separate net. It seemed that there were many such villas on the top of the mountain, and they were open for business separately. There were already many people sitting in the villa on the top of the mountain. Some were eating fruits, some were drinking tea, and some were just playing mahjong. With the noise of rubbing, the fruit sent by the waiter was placed at hand, and they didn't have time to eat.

The owner introduced with a smile, "the fruits are picked randomly. If you don't want to do it yourself, we still have freshly picked fruits. We'll take care of lunch, food and everything. "

"How many can each person pluck?" Looking at the fruit all over the tree, Elsa was greedy.

"You can pick as much as you can. If you want to take them away, you have to count the extra money. Ten Yuan per kilo, the same as the market price. " The owner brought a simple rack. "This is enough for picking up high places."

Thinking that it was not expensive, she was eager to have a try and wanted to pick the fruit.

"Wait a minute, Elsa. I'm going to wash my hands." Soren said with a smile. The owner thought he was going to the bathroom, so he led the way eagerly.

Elsa walked to a tree and picked a big date. She wiped it by her clothes and put it into her mouth. The fresh and juicy dates were very sweet and delicious. She turned to look for Soren. It took Soren a long time to come back. He held her hand and said, "let's go to a quiet place over there. Here are all people smoking and playing cards here."

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