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   Chapter 143 taking wedding leave

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She looked at the president, who was also the chief editor. He was younger than the vice general editor-in-chief. He looked fat, looked richer than the vice general editor-in-chief, but also older. Over the years, Elsa rarely had the chance to communicate with the senior leaders directly. She was praised and encouraged by several senior leaders at the end of her middle age every year. In fact, she was not familiar with the president.

Seeing everyone was here, he threw the newspaper in his hand and snapped, "Who was in charge of the news that Cindy wrote? Who checked it? Who has signed it? "

The newspaper fell down and the teacup was touched. The tea water splashed in all directions. The atmosphere became tense all of a sudden. She lowered her head. It had nothing to do with her. At that time, Soren happened to be injured and she had been taking care of him at home. Even if there was not only external strife, but also internal strife, the fire would not burn her side.

Seeing that no one responded, the president said, "Mr. Meng, what do you think?"

"Mr. President, I was on a wedding leave at that time. The specific matters of the company were handled by the corresponding person, and I did not participate in the check and signing. I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't delay my work like this because of my personal things. " Johnny sincerely reviewed his work.

What a coincidence. She suddenly recalled what Johnny had told her before the marriage break, "leave others alone, especially the works of Cindy and Todd.". What did it mean? Elsa frowned slightly.

It was a natural thing to take the marriage leave, and everyone had the right to do so. There was nothing to blame at all. Many people sympathized with Johnny and looked at him.

The president was so angry that he couldn't say anything more about Johnny's words It was not appropriate to blame the people on other pages or to get angry with someone who was higher level than Johnny. He had to calm down for a while and said, "Joshua, Lily, Johnny and Elsa stay here. The meeting is over!"

When there were only a few people left, Lily said first, "Mr. President, I think the relationship involved in this matter must be not that simple."

Since Elsa knew the relationship between Lily and the President, she had some prejudice against them. When she heard Elsa's words, she didn't go to see her.

The president sighed, "such an important news, with so many people involved and so much impact, who had ever polished it? Who signed it? Who passed the examination? "

"Mr. President, I was busy with the daily affairs left by Mr. Meng, so I didn't think about it. If there is anything, you can ask for permission from the top. Besides, we can help each other to modify and polish the draft, but no one specially polish it for her. " Said Lily.

The president paused. He had intended to ask who ghostwrote the news, but considering that many people had helped Cindy ghostwrite many news before, it was a bit of upside down

Then he went into the kitchen. He had taken a bite of the watermelon in her spoon. Seeing him leave, she was reluctant to throw it away and ate it with a red face.

A few days later, Linchuan Daily published a big news with the headline of "please release the reporter", which pointed to that the Qin Company had used some means to disturb the normal news of the newspaper. The police had no reason to take away the reporter who was called Cindy and asked the police to release her. As soon as the news was published, it caused quite a stir. It was reposted by many online media. The event of Qin Company, which had faded a few days ago, was also sent to the audience again.

The public always sympathized with the weak. In this event, Cindy and the newspaper won a lot of sympathy. The people who thought there was nothing wrong with the Qin Company were inclined to believe that something was wrong and cause such a big trouble.

However, the police didn't release her as the president expected. They didn't pay any attention to the situation of the newspaper. Cindy was also in custody.

The president was so anxious that he held several more meetings, but he didn't ask Elsa to attend these meetings together.

This made Elsa relieved. At least, she could avoid the dilemma between Cindy and Ron. On the one hand, it was about work, on the other hand, it was about friends and even about Soren. If she participated, it would be really difficult for both of them to do anything.

Sitting in her office and reading newspapers, she was still a little worried about Ron.

Just when the news was still hot, Linchuan Daily once again published the news of "please release her", which made the matter more white-hot. For a moment, there was a lot of discussion and speculations.

But inside the newspaper office, it was quiet. Johnny and Lily was acting like nothing happen, they had meetings and worked as usual. The vice general editor-in-chief had asked her to prepare for Mr. Qiao's interview.

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