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   Chapter 142 where the vegetable market was

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"Okay." Soren said with a smile on the other end of the phone.

When Elsa came back home, it was still early. Thinking that he would come back today, she thought that it would be better for her to go to the market. They had moved here for a long time, but they had only been to the supermarket once. She didn't even know where the vegetable market was. She walked to the roadside and asked about the direction. That night, she learned how to cook spareribs from Mrs. Sophia. Last time she went home, she had bought some spareribs and put them in the fridge with salt. After washing them, she could stew them into salt spareribs.

She had to add some food to it. She walked into the vegetable market and bought corn, letinous edodes, yam and some green pepper. In this way, these dishes could be added to the ribs, and she could make the rest of the fried green pepper with corn.

While Elsa was thinking about this, she met the Mia who was happy and saying with a smile, "Elsa, why are you here to buy vegetables?"

Donna followed the grandmother with a lot of dishes and smiled at her.

"I'm here to buy some ingredients for stewing spareribs." "I just finished. Grandma and Donna are here to buy some food, too," said Elsa, a little embarrassed

"Yes! The variety of vegetables planted at home was too single, so we had to buy some vegetables for eating. How about stewing spareribs? Are you used to it, Elsa? " Grandma asked with concern, "how about coming my home to eat? Donna also bought a lot of spareribs today. Ren likes eating these. "

"I've also bought a lot. Maybe next time, grandma."

After thinking for a while, Mia said, " OK, maybe next time. Maybe next time. I just thought that you and Ren got married and love each other. It's not often asking you to come my home for dinner. You get a good life will make me happier than anything else. "

Hearing that, Elsa blushed slightly. She hanged her eyes and said nothing. After shopping, she went back to the community with Mia and said goodbye to her.

She got more and more agreement with that home.

Holding her breath, she washed the ribs and vegetables and put them into the electric pressure pot to stew. In fact, Mrs. Sophia had said that spareribs should be stewed with firewood. In the modern society without firewood, it was best to slowly cook them with open fire. However, was a little afraid of the taste and the scene. In order not to do bad things out of kindness, she directly stewed them with electric pressure pot, which was the cleanest and easiest way. There was no other way.

She sat on the balcony of the study, listening to music and peeling corn kernels. It was September, and the temperature in the evening was very comfortable and pleasant. Lying on the rocking chair was also very comfortable, she closed her eyes slightly and felt a little sleepy, so she have a rest before peeling.

When Soren's car entered the community, he wanted to call Elsa again. Thinking that she said she would wait for him at home, he smiled a lot. With some vegetables in his hands, he

sk? "

"Be my good wife and warm my bed."

All of a sudden, Elsa's face turned red from her neck to her ears. 'What was on this man's mind?' She turned her head away with anger. Soren put her on the bed and looked into her dodging eyes, "can you allow Mr. Wang to warm up your bed?"

'It was not better than what he had just said!' Elsa's face was so embarrassed so she said in a low voice, "I want to read a book. Don't pressed me on the bed."

"The doctor said it's not good for your eyes to read too much at night. You'd better do some other exercises that are good for your physical and mental health. "

"Take a walk? Yoga? Dance? But it's too late. I even took a shower, and later I'll be covered in sweat again... "

"Let me wash you." Soren was amused by her and kissed her on the lips.

The second day when Elsa got up, she was so tired that she couldn't stand straight. It was all her fault to say something childish to provoke him, making him sex all night long. She stretched out her arms and legs to feel her real existence, and then came back to her senses from the excessive consumption of physical strength.

Soren was no longer there. More than an hour's drive and morning exercise made him leave when she was still asleep.

There was a plate of fruit salad and a cake on the table. They were all Elsa's favorite dishes. It was still early, she was in a good mood while eating on the balcony.

The good mood lasted till the office time. Ivy came to inform Elsa with fear, "Elsa, the president is here. He said he would have a meeting in his office!"

Elsa packed up her stuff in a hurry and went to the president's office. She saw that the vice general editor-in-chief and Johnny had arrived. The other editor in chief and deputy editor in chief of different versions were also here, and several chief reporters had also come.

Knowing that it was about Cindy, Elsa found a seat at the back according to her rank. Joshua, the vice general editor-in-chief, glanced at Elsa, but she turned her head away from him.

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