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   Chapter 135

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Soren hung up the phone and didn't go back with Ron.

At that time, Soren was just angry with Ron because Ron didn't respect Elsa. Now he was living a peaceful and stable life with Elsa. He had very cherished this peaceful happiness, and also believed his correct choice at that time.

Perhaps at first, he just felt worried for her because she had been fooled by Greenwood. But after they got married, he felt more love for her because the two of them got to know each other more and more. If it weren't for Ron's deliberate arrangement, it wouldn't matter.

Soren still remembered that Candice called him after she came back and told him that she was going to get married. Soren said indifferently, "congratulations."

It was not that he was still reluctant to leave the past, but that what she was going to do had nothing to do with him. For so many years, in fact, Candice had found many shadows of Chloe on that day. As long as he expanded his tolerance and understanding infinitely, she would abuse them infinitely. Finally, that thing made him decide to give up her.

Candice had asked him out several times after she came back, but he didn't agree. The past was the past. He felt that there was no need to worry it.. If it was possible for them to be together again, he would do something for their relationships in the past five years. Whether Norah or Candice, Soren knew that it was impossible for them, so he wouldn't give them any chance to misunderstand.

For him, he couldn't do anything to made his wife feel worried. Now he had Elsa that was enough.

When he came back, he smelled a strange perfume on his body. He didn't want to make Elsa worry about him, so he went to take a shower first.

The smell of the perfume was so strange that it was a little pungent. After smelling the faint soft fragrance of Elsa's body, and smelling anything else, he became very unaccustomed to it.

When he came out, he threw the changed clothes into the washing machine. Elsa was reading a book at the bedside. There was a cup of sober up tea on the dressing table. He didn't drink much. He went to take the tea and drank it until he could see the bottom of the cup. Then he went to bed, gently hugged her, buried the tip of his nose into her beautiful long hair, and greedily breathed her smell.

Elsa didn't say anything. She just bit her lips gently. Soren hugged her tightly and said, "I had dinner with Uncle Heather and Ron in the evening, and then I drank some wine. I saw Chloe and several other friends, so I smelled all over my body. I was afraid that you didn't like it, so I went to take a shower first."

It was not until then that she gradually relaxed her stiff body that Soren continued to ask, "what did you eat tonight?"

"Fried letinous edodes with vegetables." "And corn and tomato soup. By the way, Mrs. Sophia brought you ribs. They are hot. Do you want to eat them? "

"I want to eat." Soren stood up with great interest. In the evening, he had been thinking about ho

Jason was pissed off by his dissolute son. Looking at his expression, he said angrily, "go home tonight. I have something to ask you!"

Then he turned around and left.

A trace of impatience flashed across Caspar's clear face. He waved his hand irritably and said to the girl, "go out."

Secretary Fang, who was following Jason, said in a low voice, "Mr. Qiao, I think we'd better put a restraint on this matter. Don't damage your reputation because of what happened to Caper."

"My reputation will be ruined by this unfilial son sooner or later!" Jason was so angry that he walked out angrily. When they reached the elevator, Elsa had already disappeared.

He calmed down and thought of something that Kohl had mentioned more or less earlier. At that time, he did not ask or think carefully, but at this time he was a little upset. He said to his back, "Mr. Fang, call Dr. Xu. I want to see him."

Secretary Fang had never seen that Jason was so angry. He answered in a low voice and called Kohl.

In the evening, after having a simple dinner, Elsa and Soren were watching the news on the sofa. Hearing the knock on the door, Soren went to open the door. Ron stood at the door, he looked at Soren with a guilty look and said, "Ren, I really didn't expect that Chloe would bring Candice here last night. It was not my deliberate arrangement. We have been together for so many years. Don't you know me well? "

Soren turned to look at her and said, "I understand. Let's stop talking about it. Come in and have a seat. "

Ron understood and came in. He brought a bottle of red wine and some cakes and put them on the table. Elsa stood up in a hurry to make tea for him.

Soren held Elsa's hand and said, "Ron, drink some water by yourself. My home just like his own home. Don't mention it."

"Of course." Ron also laughed loudly. He went to the water cooler to get some water. "Elsa, sit here. I can do it myself."

Pursing her lips into a thin smile, Elsa said, "At your convenience."

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