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   Chapter 134 Have More Leisure Time

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"Thank you. I will think about it." This problem hadn't been solved yet, and Elsa was really not in the mood.

Mark had no choice but to say, "Elsa, this time it's unable to speak out about your losses in this matter, or you have to go to the court and ask for the legal recognition, but you need to provide enough evidence to prove that the novel was written by you. But if you really want to go to court, I'm willing to be your witness. And the e-mails we sent to each other can serve as solid evidence."

Elsa was a little depressed. She didn't expect that the novel would cause so many twists and turns. After thinking for a while, Mark said, "There is another way."

"What?" Hope rose in Elsa's heart. Even if the novel couldn't be published or signed, it was better than being disfigured by others. As long as it was possible, she really hoped that the website could delete the novel that no longer belonged to her.

"Aren't you a journalist? If you know someone who works in this field, you can ask for help to find out who signed this book. If you can find out who signed the novel, it's easy to accuse that person for the plagiarism." Said Mark.

This brought the problem back to the origin. After thinking for a while, Elsa still didn't want to bother people she knew for such a trifle, let alone Soren. Yesterday, she happily talked with him about the novel's release. Who would have thought that something would go wrong today?

After saying goodbye to Mark, she went back to her office and replied to Jane on the Internet. Now Jane's had more leisure time, so she replied quickly. "Embezzlement? Plagiarism? Who could it be? Haven't your novels always been stored on the computer?"

"Yes." Elsa didn't know who it was.

"No one has ever touched your computer except me and your husband. Of course, he and I are the most impossible ones. What about Mark?"

Elsa replied with a helpless emoji, "Mark has been in this literature industry for many years. And I have known him for a long time. I believe that he won't do anything against professional ethics."

"Are you breaking the contract with the press?" Jane was worried.

"Nothing is clear for the time being, and Mark didn't say anything about that." Elsa rubbed between her eyebrows, feeling a little troubled.

After discussing with Jane for a while, there was no result, so Elsa had to put it aside.

In the afternoon, Soren said that he had an appointment with his friends in the evening so he couldn't pick up Elsa for dinner. Thinking that she hadn't seen Jane's mother for a long time, Elsa bought some fruits and nourishment and rushed to her home after work. When they were high school students in YC County, Jane often went to Elsa's home for free meals. When Elsa was in college in Linchuan City, she also often went to Jane's home to eat. She had a close relationship with Jane's mother.

She didn't remember to call Jane until she set out. She didn't expect that Jane would say that she was on a blind date. Jane had dated many times, but none of them was suitable. Elsa thought for

d rest assured.

While she was thinking, the sound of door opening came, and she got up. Soren had entered the living room and was changing his shoes. Seeing Elsa, he smiled and said, "How long have you been back?"

"I came back after calling you. You said that you would stay there for a while. Why do you come back so soon?" As she spoke, she approached him. Knowing that he had drunk, Elsa gave him a cup of sober-up tea.

Without taking the tea, Soren turned around and walked in another direction, "I'm going to take a shower first."

Not knowing if it was because Elsa thought too much, she smelled faint perfume mixed with the wine on his body. She never used perfume, so she was very sensitive to the strange smell that suddenly appeared.

Her hand holding the tea froze and withdrew.

Soren did got the smell of the perfume of Candice. But he didn't do it on purpose.

In the evening, he had had dinner with Ron and Heather. In the past few years, Heather had been accompanying Susie all the time. He didn't get married until now. He didn't have a child of his own, so he had always been very fond of Soren and Ron. What had been published on the newspaper recently had a great impact on Ron. As a reliable elder, Heather had made an appointment with the two to have a talk.

After dinner, Heather went to pick up Susie at an activity site. Soren also planned to pick up Elsa. But Ron wanted to talk with him and he couldn't refuse his friend's suggestion. So they found a bar to have a chat casually.

Candice showed up with Chloe. At that time, the two girls were a little drunken. Ron came up to help Chloe, while Candice went straight into Soren's arms. At that time, Soren thought it was Ron's special arrangement, so he lost his temper and left directly.

Along the way, Ron called him several times and explained that he was wronged. He just wanted to drink with him and didn't know that Candice would come. Ron also said that he had arranged someone else to send Candice home and he would pick up Soren now in person.

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