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   Chapter 133 Passionate Feelings

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Unexpectedly, she felt his presence and kept leaning towards him. Ignoring the coldness all over his body, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his waist, murmuring in her dreams, "Ren."

His heart softened when he heard this. It was just for her trustful and dreamy shout that made him feel that everything he had done for her was worth it. Getting close to her and holding her in his arms, Soren fell asleep soon.

On the second day of work, Elsa's face was still red. She still remembered the passionate feeling last night, which made her a little dizzy. After sitting in the seat for a while, she calmed down and turned on the computer. Jane's QQ account kept buzzing. She opened it and saw the message she sent last night.

Elsa took a look at what she had said on the message last night. "Zaza, you've learned a lot since you got married, huh? You can write it all."

Then there was a long description of the passion that made her blush, with a link to a novel website attached. Rubbing her red face, Elsa opened the link and found that the blood in her brain was about to block. Wasn't this the novel she wrote? Mark said he would put it online for advertising. It seemed that it had been published for many days and there were VIP paid chapters.

However, Elsa was a little angry after reading only a few sections. At that time, she was still young when she wrote this novel, and it was only two years later that she polished it and post it to the press. The description of love was very simple, and it did not increase the description of passion details after being persuaded by Mark for so long. The first few sections of the online version were the same as her original version, but soon there was a large-scale explicit description of the intimate scenes. Elsa was stunned by his words.

No wonder Jane called her last night to make fun of her. Before the novel was submitted, only Jane had read it.

Then she looked at the comments below. They were all urging the author to hurry up to post a new chapter. She didn't know whether it was because of her good writing or because of these hot contents added by Mark. Elsa was so angry that she took out her phone and dialed Mark's number. No one answered the phone for a long time. She dialed several times, but the result was the same. She decided to go out for a walk to calm herself down.

When she was trying to calm herself down, she saw Hal walking towards her in low spirits. She asked him and knew that it was a report he was about to release on the front page, but it was blocked by a piece of news from Cindy and was going to be put on another page. Moreover, he had to delete some of his words due to the limit of the page.

Elsa comforted him. Yet, Hal was a little angry. "If this goes on, the news agency will be destroyed by them. This is not the news agency of any of us. It's ours. It's the news agency for all the citizens of Linchuan City! "

Everyone raised their heads to look at Hal and Elsa. Elsa had to persuade Hal to be relieved. Indeed, Elsa admitted that there were some gray areas wherever she worked. In this society, there had to be these gray areas. There were a lo

the afternoon. How about you come with me? We can ask about the situation later."

That was the only thing they could do now. After taking a leave from the news agency, Elsa went to the building where the website was located with Mark in the afternoon.

The building was magnificent and perfectly decorated. As far as she knew, this Internet company not only had novel websites, but also the biggest news websites and video websites in the country. Therefore, it was certain that they would be rich. It suddenly occurred to her that the person in charge of this company happened to be Caspar. She had come here last time when she had an interview with him. It was also because of this new Internet culture company that Caspar's career had reached the pinnacle.

For a moment, she was a little scared. But on second thought, as Caspar, he couldn't care about these trifles. The possibility of her meeting him was almost zero, so she relaxed and walked into the building.

It turned out that the meeting of the editor in chief of the contract department had no effect at all. The editor in chief insisted that he couldn't provide the personal information of the signed author. Elsa took out her notebook to show him the novel outline, because the current novels were written on the computer, and there was no other effective draft to provide. The editor smiled and said, "I believe you two know better than me that the infringement of the novels signed on the website is determined in the order of release. The draft and outline can't prove anything."

Looking at each other, Elsa and Mark knew that he was telling the truth. Both of them felt a little depressed. Because of this matter, there was a big problem whether the novel of Elsa could be published again, and the copyright of the novel was also a big problem.

Just as they were about to leave, the editor in chief stopped them and said with a smile, "If Miss Elsa really has a similar novel, we are willing to provide an opportunity to sign the electronic copyright with you privately. I will try my best to help you publicize it on the Internet. "

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