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   Chapter 131

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Her mother always smiled and said, "I won't marry my daughter to him until I see the boy who can keep the egg yolk for our Zaza." Even now, Elsa was sensible enough not to let her mother eat the tasteless egg white alone, yet her mother would still quietly peel the egg and leave the egg yolk to her.

No matter it was her mother or him, such a deep feeling could not prevent a ripple from rising in Elsa's heart.

After dinner, Soren cleaned the table and went to wash the dishes. He didn't want her to help him at all. He just handed the washed dishes to her and asked her to put them into the cupboard. All the emotions of Elsa during this period seemed to be like a dream in front of his care and consideration, more like an illusion.

He boiled the hot water and poured it into a hot water sack for Elsa. She held the sack and he adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner to a suitable temperature before they lay on the bed together. The two of them were not used to watching TV dramas. Instead, they were used to reading before going to bed. Elsa felt a little pain in her belly. After reading for a while, she didn't want to move, but she didn't want to sleep very much.

Soren put his arm around her shoulder and said, "I'll call Ron."

He talked about something about work on the phone. Elsa knew that Soren nominally didn't care about the business of Ron's company. In fact, most of the time, Ron would ask Soren for help when something happened to him. After all, he was not only a partner, but also a best friend. Soren might not be as business minded as Ron, nor did he have any specific management of the business. But from different angles, he might be able to put forward more useful opinions.

However, Elsa didn't listen carefully to what they were talking about. She nestled lazily beside him. She did not need to worry anything and did not need to think too much because he was always there for her. That was the feeling she wanted. She felt safe and secured. Soren didn't talk for a long time. After a few minutes, he kissed on Elsa's hair and asked, "Elsa, do you want to read?"

"I want to." As she spoke, she yawned.

Looking at the thick glasses on her straight nose, Soren took them off and asked, "Do you want me to read it for you or you read it by yourself?"

"I want both." She grabbed the hem of his cloth and got into bed.

Soren wrapped her with the quilt and patted gently on her back. She was tired and a little sleepy. Now with his pat, she closed her eyes and breathed evenly. Soren didn't stop until she fell asleep. He stopped reading and fell asleep contentedly with her soft body in his arms.

Early in the morning, Soren got up, and then there was a soft voice and the sound of opening and closing the door. Elsa was not fully awake as she called his name, "Ren?"

"It's still early. Go back to sleep longer. Bob sent me an urgent business case. I'll get up to deal with it. " Soren kissed her forehead gently.

Elsa blushed, still staying in the quilt. "Do you need my hel

"Mr. and Mrs. Wang."

Soren held her in his arms and frowned, "Mr. Zhang, what brings you here so early?"

Mr. Zhang had offended Elsa a lot because of Claire last time. In fact, it was all over now. Soren and Elsa didn't take it seriously, and they didn't mention a word in front of the elders of the two families. If they hadn't seen him standing at the door, they wouldn't have remembered such a thing. Mr. Zhang still remembered it. He had sent people to deliver clothes to them for two times, but they said that they hadn't seen the two for two times. Because, at that time, Elsa had an interview in the company, and then a lot of things happened later. Fred specially scolded his subordinates, asking them not to give gifts for the sake of Soren's leg injury. So Mr. Zhang delayed until now to deliver the dress.

He didn't dare to knock at the door even if he came. After standing at the door for a long time, he finally waited for the two to go out.

Mr. Zhang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and smiled, "I still owe you a dress, don't I? I'm so sorry for what happened last time. It's my fault. This dress is exactly the same as what you wore last time, so I dare to bring it to you. Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang, please accept it. "

Elsa pursed her lips slightly. Her dress was stained with red wine last time, so she couldn't wash it out when she came back. But she didn't want this one from Mr. Zhang. Soren nodded, "We have forgiven what happened last time. Since we don't care about it anymore, it doesn't matter if you repay the dress or not. "

"How can I not repay it back? This is what we owe. It's what we should pay, it's what we should repay a new one to you." Mr. Zhang was so nervous that the wrinkles on his round face were tightened. He was afraid that the Wang family, the Mo family and the Qi family would remember his fault.

Soren didn't want to cause any trouble to his father. Seeing his firm and sincere words, he took it over and said, "Then I'll keep it. Don't mention it again."

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