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   Chapter 130

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 9788

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Turning her head to take a look at Soren, she said, "Ren, I'll drive you home to change your clothes. I'll pick up Tina."

"It's okay. Let's pick her up first and I change my clothes later." Soren said certainly.

After hesitating for a while, Elsa said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Ren."

"You little fool, we are a couple. You don't have to say that from time to time." Soren understood her feelings.

The car turned around and go to the Linchuan Hotel. When she saw Tina at the entrance of the hotel, she was completely wet. She was shivering with her arms around her shoulders. When Elsa drove the car in front of her, the original anxiety and anger were disappeared in her voice. She said, "Tina, get in the car."

"Johnny, I saw Johnny enter the hotel with a woman. Zaza, please go with me to find him. Please accompany with me, please..." Tina shivered with cold and got into the car, but she didn't want to give up her original idea. She was about to step out of the car again.

This time, Elsa was really angry. "Tina, if you come in, I'll drive you back. This is the last time. Or you can go to find him yourself. I won't accompany you. "

Biting her pale lips, Tina looked at Elsa in the rearview mirror pitifully. But this time, Elsa didn't compromise. She just looked at her, waiting for her to make a decision.

In a fit of pique, Tina stepped out of the car and stood in the water over her ankles, with an expression of wanting to fight against Elsa to the end. She was sure that Elsa would comprise make her confident. The more she pretended to be pitiful, like the image of the victim in the classic romantic novel of many years ago.

At this moment, Elsa finally calmed herself down. In this world, no one would definitely owe anyone, and no one would always give in to you unconditionally. She raised her voice and said, "Tina, don't call me again next time. I don't owe you anything anymore! "

Then she closed the door and drove away decisively, leaving Tina alone in the rain.

"Zaza, Zaza, I'll go back. I'll go back. I promise you I will go back, okay? " Tina cried and ran two steps forward.

Finally, Elsa's car stopped for her. Seeing her get in, she silently handed her a dry towel.

Soren got out of the car and bought a cup of hot coffee for Tina, and a cup of milk for Elsa. When he handed it to Tina, Tina looked at him lovingly and said, "thank you."

However, Soren didn't take her eyes off him at all. He bought the things just because he had to take care of Elsa's emotions. It had nothing to do with Tina. Whether she was Tina Zeng, Tina Li or Tina Zhang had nothing to do with him.

He was just a little worried about Elsa. He said softly, "Elsa, drink something first."

Elsa nodded and took the milk. She usually drank coffee. After she married with Soren, he didn't allow her to drink coffee during her period. Every time he bought hot milk considerately.

head and began to eat a lot. Elsa picked up a piece of mushroom into his bowl. She quickly looked away didn't see him and continued to eat. Mushroom was the only dish he liked among these dishes. Cabbage, green vegetable, chrysanthemum flower and so on. In Elsa's impression, he didn't like it at all.

Fortunately, there was a fried egg in the soup. After thinking for a while, she stretched out her chopsticks and gave it to him.

Soren chuckled and put it into her bowl. "You don't like meat. If you don't even eat eggs, you will really have no nutrition."

"These dishes are not your favorite. If you don't eat eggs, I can't think of what I can give you to eat." When she said this, she felt a lot of guilt. Then she put the egg back into his bowl.

After thinking for a while, Soren divided the eggs into two halves and gave half to her. "Half for each. Besides, I'm gradually fond of these dishes. "

With her head down, she thought the eggs were divided into two halves. To her surprise, it was a fried poached egg with two sides slightly yellowing and the whole egg yolk in the middle. Soren left the egg white to himself and gave the egg yolk to her.


"Elsa likes egg yolk the most, and I like egg white the most. Each of us gets half of the egg ." Soren said with a smile and ate the egg whites in a big gulp.

Tears welled up in her eyes. For all the emotions she had held and the defenses she had made for no reason during this period of time, she had said that she should give each other more confidence and firmness, but she broke it first. She thought she had so much pain and sadness, but it turned out that they were all made up by her. He was still the same, without any change.

She lowered her head and ate up the whole egg yolk slowly. Elsa liked egg yolk since she was a child, but she didn't like egg yolk. Every time her mother peeled the egg white and ate it up, she would leave the egg yolk to her.

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