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   Chapter 129 Don't Be Afraid, Elsa. I'm Here With You

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10111

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She turned off the computer and looked out of the window. The weather outside was just like her mood today. Dark clouds shrouded the sky, and there was no blue clouds or sunshine. It seemed that a heavy rain was coming.

While her computer was powered off, she reached out to close the window in case that it would rain and wet the office.

The news agency was located in an old building. It was not a pulling window, but an old glass window that was open to the outside. When she reached out to pull the window square, she suddenly heard a loud noise. The weather in summer changed in the blink of an eye. It turned out to be a thunder explosion, accompanied by a shining lightning. Bean sized rain drops fell down, hitting the window.

Being caught off guard, Elsa was flustered and stepped back. At the same time, Soren came to help her and pulled her into his arms. Soren kissed her quickly and closed the window without hesitation. After checking it carefully, he came back and continued to hug her. His voice was as gentle as coaxing a child, "Don't be afraid, Elsa. I'm here with you."

His vigorous and agile movements were not sloppy, but his voice was full of tenderness, which was a perfect combination of the two. Elsa had only seen such a special man before. But this time, from calmness to stirring up the incomparable waves in her heart, she became more and more different from herself in the short three months, not like the previous Elsa.

With Soren's gentle voice, another bomb exploded in the ear of Elsa. She was not afraid at all. When his palms covered her cold ears and warmed them, she subconsciously curled up beside him, seeking a sense of security.

"Don't be afraid," Soren said again. He covered her ears and took her a little far away from the window. The two stood in front of the window and watched the heavy rain outside. It was not dark before, but now it was completely dark. Elsa was in a daze in the office just now, without turning on the light. Now she could hardly see her fingers. Only when the lightning lit up, she saw water pouring down from the eaves.

At this moment, Elsa finally calmed down a little. She looked at the heavy rain seriously and absentmindedly.

Soren looked at her for a while and asked softly, "Are you hungry?"

"I'm not hungry yet." She didn't have lunch. She didn't eat anything all day long, and she really didn't feel hungry. Elsa said softly. Then she asked, "What about you?"

"I'm a little hungry."

"I don't know when the rain will stop." Elsa looked at him, but she couldn't see his expression clearly. The news agency was an underground parking lot, but it was an old-fashioned building. There was no elevator directly to the underground parking lot, and it needed to take a detour to get the car. The detour was open-air and there was no place to shelter from rain.

Then Elsa remembered that she had lent the umbrella to Ivy a few days ago, but Ivy hadn't come back yet. It was raining heavily. She had her period, and hi

ide the window slowly became lighter. The rain in summer came in a hurry, and also gone rapidly. It was only a little drizzle now. After packing up, Soren said to Elsa, "Let's go back."

When they walked out hand in hand, they ran into Elsa's colleague who left late. Soren greeted her in a more natural manner than Elsa did. When she walked to the door, she found that the ground was covered with heavy rain, which was ankle-depth. Looking at the water with hesitation, she was afraid that her belly would hurt more after she went back when she stepped on it. Soren turned his head and easily carried her up. Unexpectedly, she staggered and almost fell into the water. She couldn't help screaming.

"Don't worry. I'm here. How could I let you fall?" Soren smiled. It turned out that he just saw her absent-minded and frightened her on purpose. In fact, he had been prepared, and his other hand was ready to catch her.

Elsa blushed and held the hem of his cloth tightly.

They arrived at the parking lot smoothly. The car was driven by Elsa. Her car was short to accommodate to her height and it was inconvenient for him to drive it. What's more, his leg was wet with water. While driving, the road was wet and slippery after the rain. Soren didn't dare to make fun of her anymore. He sat in the car seriously and didn't say anything. He looked sideways at her, with a faint smile on his lips all the time.

The phone rang again. She sighed slightly. Soren asked softly, "Do you want to answer it?"

"Okay, put it on speaker for me." After thinking for a while, she decided to answer the phone again. She couldn't ignore Tina. This was the knot in her heart.

Soren got her phone and put it on speaker. Sure enough, it was Tina's voice on the phone. Trying to calm down, Elsa asked calmly, "Tina, what's wrong again?"

"I... Zaza, I was in front of the Linchuan City. I fell into a puddle. I couldn't get a taxi, nor did I bring my wallet. I'm so cold and tired. Zaza, I'm really cold, very cold... "

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