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   Chapter 127 Intimate And Close

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Elsa thought for a while and then smiled. She didn't know what was going on with Hal. She wondered if Hal had confirmed everything for the exclusive interview.

When they were about to leave, Yassin brought the girl here again. It seemed that there were reporters at the back door. They didn't leave until they turned around and returned in the same way.

Elsa didn't expect that the two would stop when they walked to Soren. It was the girl who spoke first, "Ren."

Her voice was sweet and even a little coquettish, which seemed to be intimate and closed.

Feeling that Soren held her hand more tightly, Elsa looked at the girl subconsciously. The girl had covered her face with her hands, but when she stopped to say hello to Soren, her face was uncovered and exposed in front of Elsa. Almost at the first sight, Elsa's heart skipped a beat. That girl looked very much like Elsa. Elsa was almost sure that the girl was none other than the girl in the photo, Candice Qiao. Her palms were wet with sweat and she was in a trance.

There were some tiny things in her heart, and details that she didn't care about before appeared at this moment. When she went to hike with Soren, she saw that Soren packed it carefully. She smiled and said, "Are you performing magic?" Soren seemed to get stiff and cold at an instance when hearing that. And he hesitated when she invited him to watch the magic performance. He should have known that Candice was with Yassin.

Then what did he think? At this moment, she wanted to see Soren's face, but she didn't dare to. She didn't hear clearly what they were talking about. Maybe they didn't say anything, but she couldn't hear clearly. In front of them, Yassin held Candice's hand and quickly ran to the other side. Soon, a reporter carrying a camera appeared.

Elsa's felt like her steps wandered on the clouds. She followed Soren unwittingly and didn't know where she had gone.

"Elsa? Elsa? Elsa? "

Soren called her several times before she heard what he said. She answered in confusion, "What's wrong? I'm listening."

"Would you like some ice cream? You look hot," Soren asked with concern.


When they arrived at the shop, Soren bought her a cup of blueberry ice cream and put it in front of her, saying, "Eat it, Elsa."

Blueberry was Elsa's favorite taste. But at this time, when she ate it, she was a little depressed. The face that resembled her very much kept flashing in her mind. The question that she had been avoiding and had been suppressing in the bottom of her heart now appeared as clear as her face. Then, why did he choose her?

The marriage in which the two took what they wanted from each other, respected each other in a cold manner, separated immediately once they found they were not suitable, it sounded so far away and strange. After so many years, when she mentioned these words again, her heart beat faster and faster.

"What's wrong? Are you having a s

for a while and said, "Janie, let's meet and talk when we have time. I haven't seen you and little Bun for a long time. I miss you very much."

"Well, it happens that little Bun will go to school soon. Even if you don't propose, I will invite you and Ren to come over my place. Besides, my mother has been working hard for a year. Let's find a place outside and have a good time," Jane said happily.

It was not until she finished the call with Jane that Elsa turned on her computer and started working. At noon, her stomach hurt so much that she didn't want to have lunch. She just bent on the woolen blanket on the desk for a while. She didn't sleep well last night, and today she slept a little longer. When she heard the noise outside, she quickly opened her eyes. It was already afternoon, and it was already past the working time in the afternoon.

It was a bit noisy outside. She couldn't help standing up and walking outside. She saw many people running in the same direction with their notebooks. Elsa couldn't help but ask Ivy, who was distributing the materials, "Ivy, what's wrong there? What happened?"

"I heard that Yassin came here for an exclusive interview. The vice general editor-in-chief received him in person, and Hal went to listen and draft the news. Everyone ran over to ask for his signature. Yassin is really very popular in the past two years. " Ivy sighed, "Not only is he skilled, but he is also very handsome. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend. Alas. Elsa, why don't you go and have a look? "

Elsa shook her head. "I'm not interested in it."

"I'll go by myself later. If I can take photos, I have to take one." Ivy distributed the materials happily and left in a hurry.

Clenching her fists, she loosened them slowly. After she went back to her office and cleaned herself up, she went out. There was an interview that needed to be on the scene. Fortunately, she didn't drive back last night, so there was a car to drive now.

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