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   Chapter 123 Fellowship

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Without saying anything else, Caspar Qiao nodded again and said, "Then I'll go first. Uncle Heather, Ren, and... Mrs. Elsa."



Elsa just nodded slightly without saying anything. She held Soren's arm and walked inside. Since she knew Soren's background and his parents' status, she knew that this kind of family would have fellowship with Caspar. It was not strange to see him in the Qi family.

When she walked into the door, she heard Grandma say, "According to our identity, we should have gone. But for the sake of Ren and Elsa, we'd better not go."

"That's exactly what I mean. It's better not to go." Susie Qi nodded in agreement.

"Where are Grandma and Mom going?" Soren asked with a smile.

Mia and Susie stood up and walked towards Elsa. Instead of answering Soren's question, they went to greet Elsa first, "Is Elsa all right? Let me have a look. Since the accident of Ren last time, we have been scared out of our wits. Today, when we heard

Soren turned around and went downstairs. When he was about to walk out of the door, he was stopped by Heather, "Ren. Your mother and I have discussed about it. It's necessary for us to attend the wedding. But we have made up our mind that we won't be present in the wedding. Instead, we will send our gifts to them."

Hearing this, Soren knew that it was for the sake of respect for him and Elsa. The elders were very considerate. But he did not say anything more. He opened the door and went downstairs.

Seeing that he was a little lame when he walked down, Susie and Mia stood up at the same time. Susie took a step faster that she walked forward to support him. "Son, are you really getting better? Why do you still have difficulty in walking?"

"Much better, but I'm not used to it. Besides, the doctor also said that recuperation, simple movements and walking exercise are the most important. I'm following the doctor's instructions. Of course, I can't run down lively."

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