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   Chapter 122

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It was a group meeting of the whole newspaper, a mid year meeting, a summary of the work in the first half of the year and a prospect of the work in the second half of the year.

The Spring Festival in S country was usually at the beginning of February, so the mid year meeting would be held in mid August.

All the people had arrived. The president of the newspaper sat upright in the middle of the stage. Seeing his serious look, Elsa felt a little disgusted when she thought of the scene that he stayed with Lily together.

She withdrew her eyes from him immediately. The president gave a long speech. After he encouraged everyone, other leaders also made a speech. In the end, there was a project that everyone was looking forward to: everyone's performance summary and pay rise. In order to motivate all the employees, these things were transparent in the newspaper office.

The salary of the journalists who went to the scene was made up of two parts, basic salary and performance salary.

Although the basic salary was not very high, the performance salary was calculated on the base of the basic salary. Therefore, the increase and decrease of the basic salary had a great influence on the total income, so everyone cared about it.

Thinking of Cindy calling her to have a meeting so intimately just now, Elsa realized that Cindy's basic salary must increase a lot.

Sure enough, Cindy's basic salary was posted, rising by fifty percent, because her identity and the recent public news aroused a lot of reflection, no one was surprised with it. Then everyone knew their own range. Some people even reduced their salary because the amount of their contributions hadn't reached the standard.

Elsa got a twenty percent increase in her basic salary, about the same as she had in previous years, but as her basic salary went up, the increase this time seemed to be quite substantial. In addition, the performance salary of each draft would be associated with the basic salary in proportion. In this way, she was the one who had risen the most in theory among all the people.

She pursed her lips and smiled. She had always liked this job, and this income was worthy of her diligence.

She lowered her head and walked out. Cindy walked around in front of her in a very high-profile way. After showing off enough, she left arrogantly and caught up with her father. For this, Elsa was speechless and had nothing to say.

At noon, she signed the contract for the novel with Mark at the tea restaurant. He had always said that he liked her writing brush, which was very warm and yet very slowly. After signing this book, he was happier than Elsa.

Several happy events in a row made Elsa feel better. Sometimes she received roses in the morning, sometimes she got a raise in her salary, and sometimes she got a novel contract. She felt full of this sense of fulfillment. Her career and love went so smoothly at the same time, which was something she had never imagined before.

Seeing her coming in with a bi

or you. Let's go there together. "

"Okay." Elsa answered in a low voice. All of a sudden, she felt that everything was so unreal. It was not that she didn't want to believe it, but that reality was always so cruel and against the ideal.

Soren could only walk on his own in a short distance. Because of the existence of Heather, Elsa kept a distance from him. She didn't let him hold her hand. After walking for a while, she kept a distance from him. Soren paused, "Elsa."

Elsa stepped forward and he hugged her shoulder. "I can't walk anymore."

At that moment, Elsa's heart was so soft because of his poke. She said in a low voice, "I'll help you."

She carried his weight and went forward together. Soren's legs had recovered a lot recently. He called her several times today because he was worried about her, but no one answered. He went back and forth several times, so it was difficult for him to walk. Fortunately, Heather was worried about him and followed him all the time.

When he came here, he was supported by Heather, but now Heather was not in a hurry. It was a little difficult for Elsa to help him, but Heather had no intention of helping her. It was not a big deal to be tired. It was just a couple's fun. If he came forward, he will disturb the couple.

When they were walking towards grandma's house, a familiar figure walked towards them. Elsa took a look at it and immediately lowered her eyes. She didn't want to see the Caspar at all. Although she was a little surprised with his mature and steady last time, her deep impression of him couldn't be changed in essence.

This time, Caspar still showed a good education and a polite attitude. He walked up and said, "Uncle Heather, Ren."

Heather said with smile, "Why don't you sit for a while?"

"No, I won't. next time when I'm free, I'll come to accompany Uncle Heather and grand... Mr. Qi, have some tea. " It was the first time that Elsa had seen such a calm expression on his handsome face, which was in line with his identity.

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