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   Chapter 121 Cherish The Present Life

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Thinking of this, her face suddenly flushed. What was she thinking about?

In order to ease the embarrassment, she helped Soren up and said, "Let's take more walk."

Feeling tired, she went back to have a rest and gave Soren a massage on his leg. The doctor said that he was afraid that the blood would not circulate if he was sitting for a long time, so he must slowly start to walk.

She squatted down beside him and helped him massage his legs. She looked serious and focused, as if she was doing something great. Soren was satisfied with this plain and interesting life. After he got injured, she told him on the phone that she couldn't come. He had been disappointed, but he also understood that she had her own business to do. The first time he opened his eyes after the operation, he saw her. He still couldn't find a suitable word to describe the joy.

She had been with him all the time. He cherished this kind of life very much.

She lowered her head, and there was a slight sweat on the tip of her nose. Soren reached out to hold her hand and said softly, "Don't pinch it. Let's go over there and have a look."

On the other side of the community, there was a flowerbed full of blooming flowers. Elsa was pushing the wheelchair, the two walked all the way, feeling satisfied and comfortable for their current life.

While they were walking, someone shouted, "Ren!"

When Elsa turned around, she saw Norah running over happily. Since Adam asked Norah to stay and take care of Soren that day, Norah seemed to be granted an amnesty, and she came more frequently. On the day he came back home, Norah followed him. On the excuse of rest, Soren resolutely asked her out. She hadn't been here for a while.

Hearing her voice, Soren couldn't help but feel a little headache. He didn't let go of Elsa's hand. Norah ran to Soren and asked, "Ren, are you feeling better?"

"Much better. Thank you for coming here." Soren nodded.

"I'm not here to see you. I heard that grandfather's waist hurt, so I asked my father to find some medicinal wine in the hospital for grandfather. Look! " Norah raised the bottle in her hand.

Soren breathed a sigh of relief. That was great. The two had known each other since childhood. If he had a feeling for her, he wouldn't have waited for her to speak first. But it was also because he didn't feel it, the more efforts she made, the more embarrassed they would be.

But it seemed that Norah would never be embarrassed. Almost all the time, she ran away crying because of Soren's coldness. Next time, she came to see him happily as if nothing had happened.

Soren didn't want to embarrass Elsa, so he said, "Then, you must hurry to go ahead."

But Norah hesitated and said, "I have something to tell you."

"Okay, I'm listening," Soren said.

"Can I talk to you alone?" Norah looked mysterious.

Elsa said, "I'll go there to see the flowers. They are blooming well."

"Elsa." Soren held her hand tightly and said, "Let's go together later. Norah,

can. But she found that there was no bag in the trash can today, so she threw it on the table casually. She was going to find a bag to put it on later. She turned on the computer and found out some common things to deal with. It took her a long time to finish it. She stretched herself and looked at the card. Suddenly, she stood up and rushed out to the front desk. "Where is Ivy?"

Another colleague who was filling in the attendance list at the front desk pouted and said, "She has gone to the bathroom."

Elsa hurried to the bathroom and saw Ivy pouring water into the vase. The large bouquet of roses was put aside. She rushed over to pick up the bouquet of roses and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Ivy. I can't give you this bouquet of roses. Maybe next time."

Ivy giggled, "What? You want to take it back? Fine. Well, Elsa, I'll give you this extra vase. If you take it away, I'll be useless. "

"Thank you, Ivy." Elsa had a good relationship with Ivy. She carefully put the flowers into the vase, and then turned around and left with the vase in her hand. Suddenly, she remembered something and said, "By the way, Ivy, how can we keep the flowers invincible for a long time?"

"A vitamin C is enough," Ivy said enthusiastically, "But I don't have any here, or I'll get you some."

"It's okay. Thank you." Elsa remembered that she had stored a lot of Vitamin C Tablets when she was sick last time.

She walked back to her office with the flowers in her arms. She opened the card again and took a look at it before putting it into the drawer solemnly.

After staring at the flowers for a while, Cindy walked to the door of the office of Elsa, twisting her waist. "Elsa, there's a meeting."

Ivy was always the one who informed the meeting. If other colleagues knew the news, they would tell them by the way. But Cindy's words were really out of her expectation. Since it was Cindy who did it, there must be a reason for her. Elsa picked up her laptop and pen and walked into the meeting room.

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