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   Chapter 118 Blocked In Soren's Mouth

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10289

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Just then, the words 'Jane' and 'little Bun' were stuck in Soren's mouth.

This time, not only Ron and Chloe were surprised, but also Soren. He knew what kind of person Elsa was. When there was no one else around, she would blush if Soren kissed her, and she would be more embarrassed if she was kissed in public.

He didn't expect that Elsa would take the initiative to kiss him at this moment. In their intimate relationship, Elsa seldom took the initiative to do anything. Soren loved her so much that she was so passionate at this moment. He held her in his arms with his hand and grabbed her head. Then he became passive and took the initiative to kiss her.

Hearing Ron's chuckle, Elsa pushed Soren's hand away and pretended to be calm, saying to Bob, "Bob, wash one more plate and set aside to cool it to relieve summer heat."

As she spoke, her face was completely red, and her voice was trembling. Soren cursed himself in his heart, 'damn it! I almost blurted it out. Jane doesn't want to see Ron and Chloe. No wonder that Elsa was in such a hurry to kiss me just now. ' Thinking of this, he touched the corner of his mouth with his hand with a faint smile.

Bob had always been very well behaved when there was an outsider. He would do whatever the CEO and sister-in-law arranged. He never talked too much. After receiving the order, he turned around and washed two plates of fruit.

Chloe's face turned red and pale, and she didn't eat any fruit. She stood up and said, "I'm sorry, Ren. I suddenly remember that I have something to do. I can't stay long. I'll see you next time."

She nodded slightly to Elsa, turned around and walked out.

Ron frowned and wondered what was going on? He said to Soren, "Ren, I have something to tell you when I come back. Wait for me. I'm sorry, sister in law. "

After saying that, he ran out and grabbed Chloe. "Coco, what's wrong?"

"Haven't you seen it? That woman saw me and kissed Ren like that. She just wanted to show off. What are you thinking? Can you stay in such an environment? Can I? "

"Coco!" Ron frowned, "It's normal for Ren and sister-in-law to do that since they are newlyweds. Didn't you kiss me in front of Ren?"

Chloe was very angry. "Can it be the same? We grew up together and have a deep relationship, which is known to all. That woman just married Ren for a short time. Didn't she do it on purpose in front of me? Last night, Norah was crying so hard at home that she couldn't stop crying. You know it. "

Ron sighed. It was Norah's wishful thinking to love Soren. Everyone had seen Norah tried hard to move him, but Soren didn't agree. How could they be compared? But he knew that he would have to quarrel with Chloe if he said those things, so he had to keep his voice down. "Well, after all, Ren and sister-in-law are husband and wife now. There is nothing we can do. Just let it go. "

Chloe was almost crying out. "That's my sister, not yours. Of course you don't feel sorry for her! Ten days before Soren got married, Norah called him and asked him what he thought about lov

re. Let me come to have dinner in a few days. "

Little Bun had no choice but to say reluctantly, "Then ask Uncle to come with me. He will watch cartoon with me."

"I'm sure uncle will come," Elsa promised.

Little Bun then reluctantly walked out. When she was about to go out, Ron was also coming out of the master bedroom. When he came out, he subconsciously looked at the direction of the study. When little Bun looked outside, Jane immediately closed the door and separated the sight of little Bun from Ron at this critical moment. Her face flushed and her heart beat faster. She had never felt it before. She had been so nervous before.

With sweat in her palms, Elsa opened the door and peeped at Ron. Seeing that he came out to take the newspaper on the tea table, she guessed that it was because Soren's legs and feet were injured that he asked him to come out to take it.

Ron took the newspaper and subconsciously glanced at the direction of the study again. He didn't know why he always felt that there was a pair of familiar eyes staring at him. He shook his head and smiled. He thought that maybe it was because that Elsa was dealing with something in the study, so she asked him to talk with Soren in the master bedroom. He didn't care much and walked into the master bedroom with the newspaper.

Seeing that he had entered the master bedroom, Elsa walked out of the room and waited at the door. She waved her hand to indicate little Bun and Jane to come out. She tiptoed like a thief and didn't dare to let Ron hear her. When she finally reached the door, the doorbell suddenly rang, which made them nervous again. Through the peephole, Elsa saw Zed and Mia with an insulation barrel in their hands.

The two old people both had the key to the house, but they respected the privacy of the young people. Elsa had never seen them open the door with the key. Elsa pushed them into the room and said in a low voice, "Ron and Ren grew up together. Little Bun looks like Ron very much. Grandma will recognize him. Wait a minute."

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