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   Chapter 111 You Didn't Do Anything Wrong

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10226

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Elsa said seriously, "Yes, I was too naive before. I thought you should have a try before Ron got married. He has his own life and a Chloe. Janie, anyway, I hope you and little Bun can have a happy life without being hurt. "

"I have been very happy these years, haven't I? I have my mother, little Bun and you. I have been living a happy life all the time. I have never thought of anything else. Zaza, I've been thinking about telling you this for a long time. Now I finally tell you. Do you look down on me? " Although Jane had cried, her tone was as bright as usual.

"How could it be? You didn't do anything wrong. And your choice now makes me feel sorry and admire. If I were you, I don't know what I will do... You know what? Your calm attitude towards life and your firm belief have always made me feel a lot of positive power. Sometimes when I can't go on, I will think about how you are seriously sticking to the path you have chosen... "

Jane laughed. "After saying these words, I feel much more relaxed. I've never been so relaxed... Ah, the air is fresh and the night is beautiful outside the window! "

Jane walked to the window and looked out. The moonlight shone on her face. She looked very calm and gentle. Elsa walked over and stood next to her. The two of them remembered what happened in high school. They talked and laughed, as if they had returned to the carefree time of the past.

All of a sudden, Elsa's phone rang. It was Soren. She picked it up and heard a noise from the other end of the phone. Soren's voice was particularly soft in the noise. He asked softly, "Are you asleep?"

"Not yet," Elsa replied. She took a look at Jane and decided to spend more time with her tonight. The two girls could have a good talk.

"Elsa, I want you to come here to accompany me, okay? I'll ask Bob to pick you up. " Soren's voice was gentle and pleasant.

After thinking for a while, Elsa said, "I'm sorry, Ren. I can't come. I really have something to do now. When will you come back? I'll adjust my work schedule and accompany you then, okay? "

Soren was a little disappointed, but he still considerately said, "Okay. Don't work too late. Go to bed early later. "

"Okay, you too." Elsa put her phone away.

"You are so gentle, Zaza... You are really in love! " Jane didn't care about what had happened just now at all. She grabbed Elsa and asked, "Do you really fall in love with him?"

"That is not the case..." She didn't know how to describe the relationship between them now and their feelings. Love? She didn't know if this word was suitable. "I... I just can't explain it clearly. "

Jane teased, "Why do you deny it? When did you become speechless because of such a thing? Our great reporter have always been first-rate in writing. You have dozens of methods to describe everything, but you can't find a way to describe your current feelings? Even when you were facing Johnny, you were always calm. "

That was true. It was rare for her to have such a feeling of restlessness in the past, but now it was get

slightly, but her eyes were filled with his angular face and the corners of his lips.

Biting her fingernails, she felt a sharp pain in her fingertips and bit off a large piece of skin. When she calmed down, the driver had stopped the car. It turned out that they had arrived at the place appointed with Bob. Bob had already arrived. He called out 'sister-in-law', opened the door and let Elsa in.

"What happened?" Elsa asked before she could sit still.

"Mr. CEO is in the middle of a surgery. The artery in his thigh was stabbed. It was Mr. Maurice dealt with the wound. It was handled properly. In addition, the doctor said that it was sent in time and there was no serious injury. Do you know that someone killed innocent people in order to revenge the society? It was this man who stabbed Mr. CEO," Bob elaborated.

Only then did Elsa realize that the guy was the suspect of the two news reports she had reported. The suspect had already hurt a lot of people, but he was very good at fighting and had a strong sense of anti reconnaissance. He was a rare wanted criminal with a very high level of danger in the past few years. So the police had been at a loss for what to do with him. Tonight, the police learned that he was going to flee to the neighboring city, and that route happened to pass through here to apply for cooperation with the company to arrest him. It was Soren who took part in the cooperation with the police.

Hearing that the doctor was fine, Elsa was relieved a little.

Bob said with a little anger, "Mr. CEO has already caught the bad guy with his bare hands, but those reporters who followed to interview are too bastards. Several people directly rushed forward, took photos and asked questions which cause the chaos, and disturbed the CEO's action. The bad guy took the opportunity to run away, and almost hurt one of the reporters. Our CEO just wanted to protect that reporter. That was why he got stabbed. They are really out of reason. Is it more important to catch bad guys or take photos? "

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