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   Chapter 110 Have A Baby Too

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"Okay." Clenching her fists, Elsa was a little excited. As a journalist for so many years, she had written a lot and published a lot of things. But they were all about work, not her own story and mood.

Mark waved his hand to order the lunch. The two of them chatted while eating. After lunch, Elsa had to pay the bill, but Mark didn't allow her to do so. "How can I let a lady pay the bill? Well, don't compete with me. Next time when you sign the second book, you treat me! "

She had no choice but to let him pay.

After they finished talking, Mark said goodbye and left. Looking at the extraordinarily pretty back of Mark, Elsa couldn't help laughing. From the back, she did look like a beautiful woman. How could she mistake Soren for someone else at that time?

She didn't have anything else to do the whole afternoon. She sorted out the manuscript that Johnny had asked her to write. The whole afternoon passed easily. In the afternoon, Jane called, "Zaza, are you free to have dinner with me tonight?"

"Yes. I happen to have something to tell you," Elsa replied.

It turned out that it was because of the night when Jane lived in the house of Elsa that she left the earrings here. The earrings were bought by the money earned by the little Bun by himself. They were the cheapest among all the jewelry of Jane, but she was most distressed to lose them.

The two of them came back to look for the earrings after a simple dinner. They didn't know where the little fake Pearl Earrings fell. The two of them almost searched the whole house, but they couldn't find them.

"In my impression, it should be here." Jane recalled it carefully again, "I remember correctly. I touched it when I came here, and I didn't notice it until I walked by the elevator when I left."

Elsa smiled and said, "It won't escape from this house."

The two of them looked for it another round. Elsa took out two ice-cream and said, "Eat something first. We'll look for them later."

Jane sat down cross legged, tore open the ice cream and took a big gulp. "It's so cold and delicious! I like blueberry flavor the most! "

"This vanilla flavored is also delicious." With her legs crossed, Elsa sat next to Jane.

Jane scooped her up with a spoon and said, "Let me have a try."

"Your share is bigger than mine!" Elsa hid the ice cream behind her back and didn't let her get it.

Jane pounced on her and wanted to have a taste. Elsa was not as strong as her, so she couldn't resist the tickling. After struggling for a long time, she still failed. She took the initiative to give it to her and laughed out loud. "Okay, okay, Janie, let's change another one."

"Don't change it. My share is larger than yours. I will suffer losses if I change your share," Jane said as she laugh. The two of them finally put the ice cream on the floor, sharing it without calculating.

Elsa said with dissatisfaction, "You win every time. It's so boring, isn't it? It's unfair. You become stronger after holding little Bun after so many y

nship. No, I'm not even the other woman. It's my wishful thinking to sleep with him, get pregnant with little Bun and take care of little Bun. I'm just an abominable person, and I almost destroyed other people's relationship. I don't deserve sympathy at all. I'm selfish and guilty. I made this mistake by myself. I should bear the consequences... You were hurt by others at that time. I didn't dare to mention my mistake in front of you... Zaza... "

Elsa hugged her tightly, feeling guilty. She didn't expect that the burden on Jane's mind would be so heavy. She had always ignored her. Jane had never mentioned it before. When she gave birth to the little Bun, Elsa was sad because of love. When the two of them walked out of the shadow, Jane kept silent about the little Bun's identity.

Tears welled up in Jane's eyes. Rubbing her red nose and eyes, she said, "Zaza, I feel much better now. I've always been so sad about this matter. Some time ago, I was with Ron and helped them solve their relationship problems seriously. It's a compensation for my guilt and the mistake I made. "

"Then how do you feel about Ron now?" Elsa felt sorry for her.

"Zaza, I have no choice but to meet him again, but my basic values are correct. I will never have any feelings for any man who has a girlfriend or a wife! Even if he is little Bun's father! "

Originally, Elsa wanted to persuade her to face this problem seriously, but now she couldn't say anything. Since she had made up her mind, she only needed a person to talk to. "But, isn't little Bun too pitiful?"

"From the day I decided to be a single mother, I was ready to take care of little Bun. Although there is something missing, I will try my best to make him happy. Life is always forward. Little Bun is an impulse in my youth, and also a choice without regret. I have never regretted making this choice. Ron and I were two parallel lines. That was an accident. He must have taken me as Chloe. So we will always be parallel and never meet each other again. "

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