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   Chapter 105 The Wedding Of Editor Meng

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 9471

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Ivy came to deliver letters to everyone. When she passed by the office of Elsa, she came in happily and asked, "Elsa, the editor in chief is getting married. Have you bought a gift?"

"Not yet. What are you going to buy?" Elsa was not ready yet. If it weren't for Tina, she wouldn't have attended the wedding.

Counting by her fingers, Ivy said, "In addition to the cash gift, we want to chip in to buy a gift together. If we want to buy something alone, we can't buy things with less money, and we can't afford more money. Why don't we buy a good gift by the pool money, so that editor Meng can use it. Elsa, if you haven't buy anything, would you like to join us? "

"Okay." This solved the big problem of Elsa. "Should I give you money first or later?"

"I'll tell you when I figure out the amount," Ivy said happily. Her work was trivial, but she seemed to live a happy life every day. Looking at her smile, Elsa was in a better mood.

It seemed that Tina was afraid that she would not go to the wedding banquet, so she called Elsa two more times to invite her to the scene.

"I will be there." When she hung up the phone, she kept shaking her head. What could make her so strange?

On the day of the wedding banquet of Johnny, Soren didn't come back, and Elsa went alone. Johnny also invited Jane. When Johnny tried to pursue Elsa, Jane became his friend even though she was in another city. But later, Elsa didn't marry Johnny, so Jane broke up with Johnny directly.

When Elsa went to the hotel that held the wedding ceremony, Johnny dressed up well. Tina was petite and beautiful. She had never thought that they were actually a better match? Elsa walked over to them. There was no more emotional fluctuation in her heart. She handed the red envelope to them with a usual smile on her face. "Wish you grow old together!"

Tina smiled happily. She looked behind Elsa and asked, "Zaza, why don't you take your husband with you?"

"He is busy with his work. I'm sorry," Elsa said politely. They used to be good friends, but now they had become so alienated and indifferent. It was impossible for them not to be sad.

Ivy came forward and took out a big gift. "Editor Meng, sister-in-law, this is a gift from all of us. Wish you a happy marriage in a hundred years!"

Johnny took it over and glanced at Elsa, but said nothing.

Ignoring what he was doing, Elsa went straight into the hotel and found a corner to sit down. Johnny had a lot of guests, including his colleagues, friends and relatives. Some of his friends were even friends with Elsa, and many of his relatives were also acquainted with her.

When they saw her, someone even came to greet her, with scrutiny and sympathy in their eyes.

It made her feel a little uncomfortable. She shouldn't have come to such a wedding. But when she

dn't mean to hurt her, but she not only hurt you again and again, but also added salt to your wound. That's enough, Zaza. You don't owe her anything anymore! "

Tears streamed down Elsa's face again. She felt guilty to Tina when she was young. It was her eternal guilt that made her unable to forgive herself. So even if Tina hurt her again and again, she did as she wanted and showed her the pain, but could not blame her.

Jane held her shoulder, looked at her tearful eyes and said, "Zaza, promise me, this is the last time. For the last time, let her hurt you endlessly, and never again, okay? "

"I promise you." Clenching her fists, Elsa said, "This is the last time."

Her voice was trembling but firm, as if she was persuading herself.

Jane took a taxi home with Elsa. It was the first time that Jane had been to their house since they got married. The simple apartment with three bedrooms and one living room was full of warm and harmonious atmosphere. Jane couldn't help laughing, "Zaza, your house is so good that it makes people happy."

Elsa smiled. She had drunk a lot just now, and now she was all dizzy.

Jane looked everywhere and finally found a cup of sober tea to make for her. "Have some. Have a rest. "

"Set an alarm for me." In a daze, Elsa took out her phone and handed it to Jane.

Jane took the phone and said, "Come on. Are you afraid that Johnny will overthink if you ask for leave tomorrow and Tina will overthink about it? You never owe Johnny anything. You have paid Tina enough, so much that you even gave up your beloved man to her. What else does she want? Are you going to work tomorrow even you are so wasted? "

"I have never thought of giving up my beloved man to her. That's his own choice." Elsa smile in a daze. "But he is not the man I love. He is just my boss... I'm married. It has nothing to do with them for a long time. "

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