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   Chapter 104 I'll Teach You Myself

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10088

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Elsa blushed again. "Mommy!"

After sending her mother home, Elsa told Soren that she met Fred today and that Fred had got the ticket. But Soren didn't say anything more and said, "Let's go and watch it together. It happens that Ron likes this team. I wonder if I can get his signature and give it to him. "

"Doesn't he go to the scene to watch?" Elsa asked in confusion.

"He went travelling with Chloe. He asked me to buy the tickets for him, but it's a pity. "

Elsa didn't say anything more. It seemed that what Jane said was right. In fact, the problem between Ron and Chloe was not just a simple question about an assistant.

On her way back, Elsa received a phone call from Mark. She almost forgot about the novel. Seeing his phone call, she answered it in a hurry. Mark said that he had sent her some reference materials and asked her to check the e-mail.

When Soren heard the phone call, he thought of the first time he saw her. He frowned slightly and asked, "Your editor?"

"Yes, he still wanted to sign my book, but..." Elsa couldn't continue. She remembered how embarrassed she was when she first met Soren. Why was she so stupid that day?

She couldn't help looking up at him.

She had thought that it would be their only chance to meet each other and she would forget this embarrassing encounter slowly. But she didn't expect to see him again. She didn't expect that they would slowly live together and have a lot of dependence on each other.

Elsa couldn't continue. She pointed at the computer and said, "Then I'll check the e-mail?"

When she opened the e-mail, there were some intimate fragments sorted out from the popular books, which were not too revealing. Realizing that Soren was standing behind her, she turned off the computer, turned around and said awkwardly, "... Well, I'd better check it tomorrow. "

"Did the editor say that you must write it?"

Soren held her and asked.

After thinking for a while, Soren seemed to be dissatisfied with mark, so Elsa couldn't help explaining, "The current trend is like this, the novel must have a little bit of ambiguity content in it... But I'm not sure. I can't write it either. But the editor wanted to make it sell well. For commercial reasons... "

"I got it," Soren said in a low voice. He recalled the inexplicable emotions he had had when he first met her, and the fact that she had gradually blossomed under him from a complete incomprehensible state. His voice was tinged with lust. "Let me teach you."

"What?" Raising her head to look at him, she said, "I don't know you can write articles."

Seeing his dark eyes, Elsa felt something was wrong. He held her hand and slowly put it around him. "I'll teach you another thing."

Realizing what he was talking about, Elsa fell on the bed and wanted to say something, but she was so trapped by him that he said, "Let me teach you."

Elsa blushed. She didn't want to learn it. She couldn't write those words because she didn't want to write it at all. S

d and said seriously, "Okay."

Lying in his arms at night, she slept soundly all night until she heard him rustling and changing clothes in the morning. Then she woke up. When she saw him change his clothes and put on her glasses, she couldn't help smiling all the time.

"It's still early. Go back to sleep." Soren turned around and tucked her in.

"Okay." Elsa said as she stared at his figure, "Then remember to have breakfast."

He got up to do exercises every morning, sometimes downstairs, and sometimes in the company. Every time Elsa could not get up so early, the two of them would be busy in the morning, so they would have their breakfast separately most of the time.

Soren responded with a smile. He took off her glasses and put them on the head of the bed before he really walked out.

In a daze, Elsa slept for a while. She felt a little uncomfortable without the arms around her. She wrapped herself tightly in the quilt and felt a little sleepy. When she heard the door open, Soren came in soon. She didn't know how long she had slept. "Why are you back?"

"I passed by and saw someone selling fresh rice pudding. I bought you two and put them on the table." It seemed that it took him a lot of time to go back and forth. This time, he didn't stop at all and quickly turned around and walked out.

Soon he disappeared from her blurry sight, followed by the sound of door closing. She curled her lips in the quilt and stayed for a while before getting up.

The rice pudding was still warm. It was sprinkled with sweet sugar and bean powder, and it was wrapped evenly. There was also a cup of hot soybean milk. Elsa picked it up and took a big bite. She dragged a chair over and sat down to eat carefully.

In the company, the news that Johnny was going to get married had become a hot topic. Johnny had just turned thirty and came back from abroad. The golden bachelor's identity was shining. As soon as the news of their marriage came out, many people thought it was a pity.

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