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   Chapter 103 Love Her So Much

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Jane was busy with their work and Elsa also had to go back to work. They did not have any mood to talk more and separated there for their own business.

In the afternoon, Elsa had an interview to attend, so she had to put her mother's matter aside for the time being.

The person involved in the interview was very difficult to communicate with. He swore to God that he would curse others if he thought something was wrong. In this news report, the person involved was supposed to ask the media for help when he encountered a problem, and Elsa was going to help him solve the problem, but he took her as if she was the one who made the mistake. The woman in front of her was about more than fifty years old. She was so arrogant that Elsa couldn't bear it. It took her a lot of time to deal with it, but if she did it well, she wouldn't have time to write the draft. She had to go back to work overtime at night to finish it.

Coincidentally, Soren came back with a lot of documents in the evening, saying that he needed to deal with them. After dinner, they all went to the study to work.

Seeing that her daughter and son-in-law were used to drinking coffee, Blanche made two cups of coffee and bring them in. She thought they were busy with their work. When she pushed open the ajar door, she found that the two were standing at the window, hugging each other. It was too late to get out of the door. Blanche was seen by Elsa.

This time, Elsa's face turned red. She was tired of working on the draft. She stood up and stretched, but was held by Soren, so they stood for a while. She didn't expect that her mother would run into her.

Blanche left in a hurry.

When Elsa finished her work, Soren was still busy. She followed her mother out, took a sip of the hot coffee and explained shyly, "Mom, I just finished my work and stood up for a while..."

"I know, I know." Blanche kept smiling.

With a red face, Elsa walked in, put down a cup of coffee and gave it to Soren. Then she walked out and said with a red face, "Mom, I have something to ask you."

"Why are you so serious?" Blanche was washing the fruits quickly. It was hot, and she had run for a whole afternoon. She could eat more fruits later to cool down.

"Mom, have you met aunt Ada?" Elsa asked straightforwardly.

The cherry in Blanche's hand fell to the ground and she picked it up in a hurry. While helping her pick it up, Elsa complained, "Why did you go to see aunt Ada at noon? I saw it when I went out for lunch with Janie."

"I... Well... " Blanche was caught red handed by her daughter, and she couldn't say any reason or excuse. "I just met her on the way... We're relatives. Why don't we greet each other? "

"Mom!" "Are you going to ask auntie Ada about my physical condition? Why do you always ask this and that when you meet an obstetrician? I am... I don't have any problem, okay?"

The more she said, the lower her voice became. After the operation that year, Blanche had been worried about her infertility. Ada was a doctor in obstetrics and Gynecology. Elsa was sure that her mother had gone to consult about it again.

Hearing her daughter's wo

o convey this will to get closer to the relationship between the father and son, but she really couldn't find a specific word to say.

Fred snorted, as if he was saying, "I knew it. He won't mention me."

Elsa didn't want to make a fool of herself, so she stopped talking. After dinner, Fred said, "Wait a minute." Then he called his secretary over and whispered in her ear.

It seemed that she had gone to fetch something for Elsa. Since she was thinking that he must want to give something to Soren, and it was not appropriate for her to refuse, so she had to wait quietly.

After a while, his secretary came back and handed him the document. "Here are two tickets. Take them," said Fred, handing them to Elsa.

Elsa took it over and saw two tickets of the football match. As a super star team from Italy came to China, it happened to be a friendly match with a football team from Linchuan City, so this football heat spread everywhere recently. Even non fans like Elsa were familiar with the time and place of the match.

"Ren like it. You can go and have a look." Fred stood up and was about to leave.

Elsa stood up in a hurry. "Dad, why don't you go with Ren? I... I mean, you can definitely find something to talk about. After all, it's a man's game. "

"I have bought many tickets, but he has never been there. Now he has you with him, he wouldn't even need an old man like me. " After saying that, Fred strode away without looking back.

Elsa stood still, holding the ticket in her hand, speechless.

In the evening, Blanche repeatedly reminded Elsa not to save money, not to save money, and to be good to herself. Then he warned her to live a rich and stable life now, but she couldn't be too extravagant. It was easy to turn from frugal to extravagant, but difficult to turn from extravagant to frugal. It made her feel a little sad that she wanted to laugh all the time. As parents, they always worried too much in all aspects.

When they were about to get on the plane, Blanche whispered in Elsa's ear, "You're not young anymore. If you want a child, you should have it."

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